Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vacation Bible School

Finally everyone has their hair combed (kinda)
and we are in the car on the way to
Now-these little girls are Catholic
but their best friends are Lutheran.
Mama & Daddy allow them to
go and learn all about
kindness and caring
and God
with their little friends.
Lulu is at the stage where making a face is always good for a laugh.
"Be careful your face doesn't freeze that way", I tell her.
"Nana, that's silly-it's not even cold out"
replies Little Miss Literal.SweetCheeks is very excited.
Big sisters have been going to VBS for 3 years.
This year she is finally old enough to attend.
"Hurry up, SweetCheeks"
the older girls encourage her along.
"We don't want to be late"We're at the door..
about to enter..
SweetCheeks wonders if they will have any snacks.
(The most important part of VBS to her)
We assure her they will.
Once inside we are greeted by a huge ole
tree-set up specifically for the kids
for this year's theme.
"Look at THAT tree"
we tell SweetCheeks.
She looks at us like we are crazy...
we are a BIT crazy..
"DAS not a wreal twree, yoah guysss.
Dass a pretund twreee...Yoah think das real?
Yoah is crazy!"
Yep! She's got us all figured out.
That little elevator goes all the way to the 13th floor!Come on SweetCheeks
The older girls are going to take you into the church
where you will hear wonderful stories
about God's love for all of us.
Sit down...they tell her..
I YAM sitting!
Now~whure's my Mama and whure's my BABYDOLL?
"Shhhhh...SweetCheeks", Ria whispers...
"You are in church...Shhhh"
"Noah...I NOT..you sayed dis was
Bacaation Bible Schuul..
NOT church..
I doan wanna go to church..
And -hey...
Where did my Nana go?"Shhhhh....
You'll find me here..
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  1. What a lovely post. You have a real knack for story telling.
    Thanks for visiting me!

  2. Our family is Catholic too but, I took my kids to every vacation bible school I could find when they were little. You can never show them too much of God's love. It's also cheaper than camp.


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