Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TableScape by SweetCheeks

Before you start-
I must tell you-
This is not the NORMAL Tablescape
And I certainly hope that I don't offend
anyone with my nonesense.
This is just for fun..
and I promise that
one day soon
I will participate with a REAL tablescape.
Anyway..Here is MY take on Tablescape Thursday~
The city park here provides tennis lessons for those
that are interested.
Our little Lulu & Ria both go to lessons twice a week.
This morning
we decided to meet somewhere after lessons.
Can you guess where?
Wow! Are you smart!
How did you guess it was Starbucks?
As you can plainly see..
the three little addicts now
have a friend (and convert).
Run! Run! SweetCheeks orders~ Lesss get our schmoofie!
Starbucks is so used to us that we have our
own little "special"..
One Venti Smoothie divided 3 ways,
(4 today)
We are blessed to have Starbucks love us so much!Yum Nana! Diss is rweally good-
And Schmoofe! SweetCheeks is funny, isn't she Nana?
Ria loves her little sister..
even if she does think she is just a tad crazy!What does a 3 year old do while Mama & Nana talk?
What does she do when her Smoothie is gone?
Well, she might sit for a while to make sure
she gets every last drop out of her cupOr...she might do this.... Nope-Our SweetCheeks is not one to waste her time
on frivolous activities.
She has work to do.
She has to get a tablescape ready..
All done without any prompting or encouragement.
She just does her own little thing.
Before you look-I have to tell you~
I am feeling a bit sorry for some of you ladies..
those of you that have spent hours and hours
and time and energy
creating what YOU thought was the
Perfect TableScape.
I am feeling a bit sad for you.
Look below and you will know why..
Why? You're asking why? What makes her own so special?
Well, she has taken it to a whole new level.
She has combined a TABLE with LANDSCAPE materials.
It is the perfect combination to be called TableScape.
Now aren't you sorry YOU didn't think of that?
Thanks-I hope I brought a smile to your day!
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Natalie said...

I think it's beautiful, natural, and perfect...just like your sweet girls!

Teresa said...

I LOVE it Nana Diana!
I love ROCKS!
I might just have to create me a center piece with ROCKS!
I have a huge piece of driftwood as a centerpiece right now!
Yum on the Starbucks Smoothie!

Blondie's Journal said...

Since I frequent Starbucks quite a lot, naturally I love your post! The girls look like they are having a ball. I'll have a Venti Latte with skim!

Thanks for stopping by today. I know your area well. Besides many trips to Lake Geneva and Delavan, we used to take yearly fishing trips to Big Green Lake. It is a blessing to live on a lake...I am the happiest when I am there!


maddie/cadesmimi said...

What fun! My grandkids love my landscape river rocks. One likes to roll them down the slide,
while the other one loves to toss them into the goldfish pond...

WeeFaerie said...

How cool is that! Love the tablescape and the Starbucks YUM!

Lin said...

That is the coolest Table Scape I have ever seen!

NanaDiana said...

Thanks! I think she nailed it spot on!>)