Monday, July 19, 2010

Good Moaning (er-Morning) Monday

You know how some people just moan about it being Monday?
Well, here's something that really moans!
Last week I went to Two Rivers State Park to drop something off. On the way home I came up County R and stopped alongside the road to take a picture of this place. When my son was young he used to go there with friends (after dark, of course) and they swore they could hear "things" and feel presences there. This is The Maribel Caves Hotel.Creepy, huh?This is an old abandoned building (Inn built in 1900) where Al Capone supposedly visited and it is close to the Maribel Caves. This hotel went up in flames in the 1920's, and again in the 1960's and it 'GLOWS' when the new moon is out. From the road, you can see every detail of the hotel. This hotel is backed by woods as is the whole general area. Its a three story hotel, all abandoned, You can't get to any of the floors anymore. The third floor was reported to have cold hands that would apply pressure to your back. If you flash a light at a second floor window "something" flashes back at you. People that went to the basement reported feelings of being threatened. The name "Hotel Hell" came from the red stains on the walls and the MOANING noises that emanated from the basement. There could be heard a ringing of a bell and the sound of wheels grating along. There are caves are right below the hotel . It has been reported that there are MOANS that come from the caves. Witnesses have heard laughing. Some have reported seeing a little girl in a black dress wearing no shoes on the stairs which go into the caves area. You can hear far-away singing there day or night near the old stables. Some visitors say they have been chased by white light. Some of them have seen a carriage drawn by white horses. In the old stables the sounds of horses hooves have been heard. The first thing to be built in that location was a "resort" built in the 1800's which was one of those places where people went to be cleansed by the natural spring water which still runs pure and clear there today. When you walk the trails there (it's still open to the public) you will see that there is one cave door which has been partially opened due to a rock slide, spring water still runs there.

As of today-all the floors have been removed and it is completely are the old stables that sit down field from the hotel. It is an eerie place to visit....even in broad daylight.
I thought this was quite interesting...
As I drove away I noticed that
the adjoining campground
sported this sign!
(I say-enter at your own risk)....
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Jettie said...

I love haunted places.

There is a cemetery about 40 miles from here, that we used to 'visit' after dark. No, I don't mean we actually went into the cemetery, we would park at the edge, and watch for lights. It is out in the middle of farm land, near a river, and no houses close enough to cause the lights. It is interesting to see someone's face when the light appears, and they were a 'non believer' before. I've seen the lights, but I've never seen the cat that supposedly appears and disappears near one of the older graves.

Lin said...

That sounds quite a creepy place, but I like the history that goes with it too. It's a shame sometimes when places like that are left.

Heaven's Walk - said...

Creepy, Diana! I wouldn't want to be caught there alone, that's for sure! But what a magnificent building and incredible history behind it! Al Capone had a huge cottage over here in Michigan, too, on Gun Lake where he used to spend some time. His 'cronies' stayed in the "Crow's Nest", a smaller house built up on the hill overlooking Capone's cottage so they could be the 'look out'.

So much history out there, isn't there? Thanks for sharing your history lesson with us today! lol!

And,'ve gotta wait just a tad bit longer to see the results of the industrial wire baskets. I did put them to good use...and not necessarily on the bookcase! :)

Hugs to you sweet friend!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Pam said...

Ok, you offically creeped me out in the middle of the day! Makes me want to go wander around in the hotel basement though. I would be OK until the first "person" touched me and then I'd be outa there!