Friday, July 23, 2010

Good? NOT!

How many of you have children that are always good?
How many of you have kids that never fight?
How many of you raised your hand and said, "I do"?
Put your hands down now...cuz...
Now...NOW... we know WHO the liars are!
Nothing like a sassy kid, is there?
No one likes to admit they hace a bratty kid, do they?
I have wonderful little grandkids but...well, you know..
there are THOSE days.
This was one of them.
Here is the picture of a good girl.
Lulu went to Washington Island with her Daddy.
She did what she was told.
She did NOT sass her Daddy or her Grampa.
Because she was such a good girl
she got to spend the night at Nana's house.
This is extra special because Mimi & BabyE
are visiting.
She is happy.
See her sweet little smile.
This is what she got to do at Nana's house
after she watched
The Blue Butterfly.
Did you ever see that movie?
It will make you cry with happiness.
It is a true story about a boy that was healed of cancer. Next up you will see a picture of a Not-so-good girl.
She went to Washington Island with Daddy too.
Ria did NOT listen to Daddy.
Ria sassed her Daddy and made Grampa fret.
Ria is taking a little time out.
Ria did NOT get to spend the night at Nana's house.And, here, ladies & gentlemen...
We have..
er... I mean..
SweetCheeks went to Washington Island too.
Lord knows that wasn't the's a 3 hour ride one way.
SweetCheeks does NOT like being cooped up in the car with 2 older sisters.
SweetCheeks was REALLY sassy.
SweetCheeks time out involved going to bed early.
SweetCheeks made Grampa feel like pulling out what little hair he has left.
SweetCheeks did NOT get to spend the night at Nana's house either.
Poooooor SweetCheeks.And last, but not least..
we have our sweet little darling BabyE.
He didn't go to Washington Island.
He got to stay home and smile and be his sweet little self.
He got to spend the night at Nana's house too...
And he was very, very good.
Nighty-night Little Man!

I'm thinking that next year HE might be the naughtiest one.

Nah...nevermind...I think SweetCheeks has that market cornered.

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laura said...

Hi, I am so so sorry , I did get your comment yesterday and I tried to leave you a comment, two times, apparently I have spyware on my computer! Been trying all afternoon to get rid of it ,still keep popping up and making my tools thingie go offline!
Thankyou so so much for my award, for passing it to me, it really made my day! I had saved the pic and had been thinking all night who I would pass it on to!
Your blog makes me smile too, especially these gorgeous baby pics!! dont you love it when they sleep with their arms above their heads like that!!?
I loved reading your seven things too; I did write last night all about my mum and how she had a biopsy recently... She did have a tumor and a lumpectomy a few years back, then they found another lump in the other side. It was a stressfull time, but you know, I believe in the law of attraction, and you are such a positive lady! thats probably helped your great result! My mum isnt so positive... fortunately it was just a cyst this time, I just have to think positive twice as much for her sake!!!!! She was convinced it was the end! but I wont get into that!.. I admire you so much, and I am so happy and grateful that you are healthy!
I do hope your shop is successful hun... I am sure it will be, and dont forget to post all about it!
just going to make sure I dont lose this message too! big hugs and thankyou again,
Laura xxxxx

NanaDiana said...

Laura-I just popped on to check this before I hop off (well-I don't actually hop anymore cuz I don't want anything bouncing for a few days *wink*) to work. Thank you-your comments have made my day. You are a love! My daughter spent the night-we are going to have to toss a coin, I think, to decide on the shop.

Diana said...

Loved this post!!!! The expressions are priceless....

Nancy's Notes said...

Okay Diana, I am following your friend Laurie's advice and she was right, your blog is great and fun! I don't ever want to miss your secrets! Anyhow your post and photographs are way too cute!

Happy I found my way to your blog, have a great weekend and enjoy those adorable good and not so good kid's! Bet they love their Nana to pieces! I am a Nana to 6!