Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mrs. D's Dance Emporeum

Welcome to Mrs. D's Dance Class. She is kind of a shirt tail relative but it is too complicated to explain so you'll just have to trust me on this fact! Anyway~Here you will find the sweetest dance teacher in the world. She not only teaches dance, she teaches young ladies how to act in public. She teaches them modesty and manners. But the most important thing she imparts to these blessed little ones is that they are loved unconditionally. She has seen fit to make teaching dance her life's work. I wish I knew how many young ladies (and a few young gentlemen) whose lives have been enriched because of her. I will probably never know but I'll bet she could name every child that passed through her doors in the sixty some years she has been dancing.

You're wondering if you read that right, aren't you? Did I really mean she has been teaching for SIXTY years? Yes, indeedy! She is in her 80's and still gets out on the dance floors to show those young heifers how to hoof it! And, she does it with a smile and a sense of fun. She makes dancing an awesome, wonderful and uplifting experience. She doesn't believe in spending a ton of money on costumes because she doesn't want cost to be a barrier that would prevent some from attending class. Your class fee includes your costume. So, each year, a different mom (or Gramma-God bless us) steps up to the plate ...er...the sewing machine...and whips up enough costumes for the class.
At Christmas time the girls are allowed to bring a sibling to class. SweetCheeks went with Lulu & Ria. She "galloped" when she was supposed to skip. She "leaped" when she was supposed to hop. She spread-eagled on the floor when she was supposed to be squinced up like a mouse. Mrs.D said that she only hopes she lives long enough to teach one more year so she can have SweetCheeks in class. She says she has never had anyone quite like her "visit" class before. She is waiting for the Fall term------so am I!
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Natalie said...

SweetCheeks sounds like my kinda girl!! What a great post...thank you for sharing. And thank you for stopping by my blog! I'm your newest follower ;)

Jettie said...

I have a feeling we will all be entertained when sweetcheeks begins taking lessons. Looking forward to it very much, I might add.