Monday, March 1, 2010

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Miss Clariol has blessed my crazy friend Margaret with a shocking color.. She has hair that is an unimaginable shade of red. I won’t post a picture of her because I want to protect the guilty. She is guilty of many things most of which cannot be mentioned here.

Margaret’s saving grace is that she loves (make that adores and worships) my grandchildren. She thinks they are even funnier than I do. When Margaret is having a sad day she will call to ask if she can babysit. Now you know why I think she is crazy. What person in their right mind would call to ASK to babysit 3 kids that are all under the age of 6? In years past we would have called Margaret a “hoot”. WHOOOO knows what they would call her today.

SweetCheeks has her own name for Margaret. Margaret does not slip over her lips easily. It comes out Yogurt. I think that is a perfect nickname myself. She has that slightly tart edge to her tongue and you have to develop a taste for her sense of humor.

The first time the kids met Yogurt SweetCheeks said.~ Lookit hers hair~ What about it?-we wanted to know. Lookit hers hair-iss wed. I told her she had it dyed. Whereupon, Little Miss Literal (looking somewhat panicky) asked, “How did her hair die?” (Some questions we don’t bother answering until they are repeated) It was! We did - We said she killed it herself and not to worry because that would NEVER happen to her own hair.

The finest possession Yogurt has is her dog, Lola. Poooorrr Lola! Lola is a Basset Hound with short hair and lots of white showing. When Yogurt takes her to play with the kids she brings along Magic Markers. Lola (being as crazy as her owner) plops herself down, rolls over on her back and allows the kids to write on her underbelly with magic markers. The kids can’t believe it. Neither can I....and now I bet you can’t either. It is true.

After babysitting for the kids the first time we asked them how they liked Margaret. I think SweetCheeks summed it up the best. She said, “HERS CRAZY”. I agree~and if you don’t believe US-ask her husband.
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Margaret said...

I'm loving your stories. You might have mentioned how young looking and beautiful I am and that my birthday is April 25 and that I love presents