Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Long Ride Home

I spent the first part of yesterday at Mimi’s house watching baby Eeeefan. He is growing and changing so fast. It’s hard to remember what it was like for Mimi & TheIslandScout not to have this wonderful addition in their lives. He is a good eater-will eat most anything that is shoved in his mouth...which makes him, of course, a good pooper. I can attest to that fact. I could swear it three times, as a matter of fact. It is fun to watch him as he learns to play and explore the world around him.

After Mimi got home from her appointment, we decided that we would caravan to Sheboygan and meet TPot and her 3 girls at McDonalds. Once there, Lucy and Lulu would ride home with Mimi to spend a special night at her house. Of course, when SweetCheeks saw them getting in the car the sunny look left her face and the storm clouds rolled in. Quickly, the tears start to form. "Hey, how’s come dose gurhls get to go home wif Mimi? Whut about me? Whose gonna take me wif em?" The girls were more than happy to inform her that SHE was going home with MOM & THEY were going home with Mimi. Uh-oh- this isn’t good information falling into SweetCheeks little data center. Before things can get too far out of hand I open my mouth and offer to let SweetCheeks ride home with me. "HA!" She tells them, "I’m gonna go wif Nana and we’s gonna have a chocolute mulkshake!" Huh? What? Who said that? "Mama sayed it~Mama sayed Nanny wuld get me a mulkshake & she gived me $2 dolhurs."

As we are driving home, sipping our milkshake, (did you doubt that would happen?) I am pointing things out. "Look at the pony", I tell her. "Dass a howrsse, Nana". No sense arguing that a pony IS a horse-she has already tagged on that "a pony is a baby howrsse and NOT a howrsse". Of course it’s not-What was I thinking?

A bit farther along we see some boys out shooting hoops. I tell her that someday when she is big she can play basketball like that. "Nooo-I cannn’t play bisquit ball, Nana. I dun’t know dos boys and I not gonna play wif dem." Of course you’re not-what was I thinking?

"SweetCheeks", I tell her, "You are a goofball!" "No-I not a gooofhball and I NOT a bisquit ball and I NOT eny ball. Then, brigthtening considerably, "MyPapa iss a gooofhball, isssn’t he, Nana?" I assure her that he is indeed a goof ball. "Well, I just gonna whrap him up in newssspapahs and mail him to sum buddy." I tell her we will mail him to Uncle Charlie. "Hey, Charly is NOT an uncle-hers a gurhl!". No, I tell her I meant my brother Charlie-he’s a boy! " "Noooo~Charly is my babysittah’s baby-hers a gurlh! Lulu is a gurlh, Lucy is a gurlh, yous a gurlh, and I a gurlh and CHARLYS a gurlh too. Sooo, Nanny whoose we gonna mail Papa to?" Well, in that case, we’ll mail him to my brother, Charles!
"Thasss wright, Nana, we’ll mail him to yoah brothah, Churles!"

Watch the mailbox Charlie-er I mean CHURLES-The package will be the size of a 3 year old & may need feeding when you get it-it likes chocolut shakes!
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If SHE can figure it out.......... said...

Thanks for watching the baby yesterday....He slept like a rock last night!!