Friday, March 26, 2010

Poolside Fun

What you see before you is the picture of a BAD boy! He doesn’t look bad, does he? Look at that sweet, adorable, cherubic face. But...Oh.... He is naughty! Standing next to him is his sister, Mimi, his best and most encouraging audience. What you don’t see in this picture is me- dressed in a business suit, nylons, high heels, hair done and make up perfect (well, almost perfect-I always miss something!).

I am not in the picture because I am off to the side-soaking wet & crying & laughing & flabbergasted. I went out to say goodbye to everyone and as I looked down into the pool MamasBoy walked up behind me and pushed me in!

There was completely shocked silence for a moment and then everyone burst out laughing-except me~it took a while for the laughter to come gurgling to the surface! Looking back I now know WHY MamasBoy is the way he is.....He is a jokester and will do anything for a laugh. I did not beat him as I should have....I think that is what is wrong with me father should have beat me....but that’s not a story for today.

You know the best part about MamasBoy? He grew up (physically), got married and now has a whole new audience to play tricks on and entertain. God Bless You- Secret Agent- He’s yours!

Pssst-Here's a tip for you- don't stand too close to the edge of the pool~
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