Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Am NOT The Dummy Here

There’s a dummy in the house. Not the usual one either. Only at MY house would there be a real live duumy (well, he’s not really alive but you know what I mean) Mortimer Snerd was found at Goodwill by none other than the Tpot and Mimi. Not to be outdone by their brother, MamasBoy, who has always played tricks on them, they decided that pay-back was in order.

The first call woke him & SecretAgent up late at night. When Mamasboy answered a voice rasped, "Let me out of this box!" Being a quick thinker, even in the dead of night, Mamasboy looked at the number and it was not one he recognized. He hit redial and a sleepy voice answered..."Yeah..whaddaya want?" He apologized, said he had a wrong number, and hung up. Little did he know that for the next few weeks he would be plagued by phone calls from strange numbers and have even stranger remarks rasped into his phone. AND Little did he know that his sisters had cajoled other people into letting them use their phone on any given moment to make a call.

First MamasBoy called Mimi, "Knock it off"he told her. "Knock what off?" she asked quite innocently..." you don’t know-quit calling me". "I’m not" she replied very seriously. Then he called Tpot-"Very funny!" he told her. "What’s funny?" she asked. "You know what’s funny," he told her, " and quit calling me". "I’m NOT calling you", she said and asked what he was talking about.

The calls got more and more desperate and the raspy voice got louder- "LET ME OUTTA THIS STINKING BOX- I CAN’T BREATHE". Now MamasBoy works with police departments so he did a little follow up on the phone calls. Nothing made any sense and he still couldn’t figure it out. He even called me to ask if I was in on the joke...I played dumb (and let me tell you-I am so good at that you would think it was real- hey-watch your mouth-I heard that)...I told him I had no idea what was going on.

Finally, when he was to the point of being totally freaked out, a box arrived at his door. I think he was afraid to open it-although he swore he wasn’t. Inside was a note that said- GOT YOU DUMMY! And so they had!

Here’s the sad thing-He has learned to throw his voice and make the stupid thing talk. You know what is even worse? He bought another one at a garage sale and now Mortimer has a friend, Willis. Here’s what’s even sadder-he uses them to scare Tpot’s kids..Hmmmm...I wonder who the real dummy is.....
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Anonymous said...

I can always count on a daily laugh here! Thanks I needed that! :)