Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Love Lucy

Remember Lucille Ball? I do~. When I was a kid (which my grandkids cannot BEGIN to imagine) I got to stay up every Monday night and sit on the arm of my Father’s chair and watch Lucille Ball. It is a memory I treasure and hold close to my heart.

There is something about our Lucy that reminds me of Lucille Ball. She doesn’t have that zany streak, (unless you count the time she took a bath with her clothes on) but she has that quality that makes people smile just to look at her. She has an elfin charm that makes her seem sweet and a bit shy. And, like Lucille Ball, she knows how to bat those eyelashes and look ever-so-cute and innocent. People stare at her just to watch her move like a little sprite-flitting from one thing to the next with small and graceful steps.

I think God put Lucy on this earth to act as a buffer zone between SweetCheeks (Little Miss Independence) and Lulu. She is prone to "help" SweetCheeks out of her sticky situations and make sure Lulu gets blamed for them. As in~ WHO drew on the wallpaper in the dining room—Well, clearly it was SweetCheeks because it is NOT artwork anyone else would want to claim. Just prior to SweetCheeks claiming it for her own, Lucy jumps in with an answer. Ah...."Lulu LEFT the markers out where SweetCheeks could get them, didn’t she SweetCheeks?" Ah-yes-follow THAT dog~ Head nods up and down..".Hers didit...hers lefted the markersss wheres I culd getem." "You didn’t know any better, did you SweetCheeks?" If nothing else, our little SweetCheeks is a fast learner as she repeats, "I not-I not knows any butter". See how that works? Perfect! We have gotten out of a time out and placed the blame so that NO one is really at fault.

Lucy has always been one to talk herself out of trouble too. I think it is that whisper-sweet, little lilting voice. One day she was standing around the end of a wall talking to me. I could hear her doing "something" but couldn’t quite figure out what it was. "Whatcha doing there, Lucy", I asked. Typical response- "Nothing". Hmmmm...must be doing something while all the time looking me dead on-eyeball to eyeball. Not doing anything. Right! Step around the corner and~ lo & behold ~ we have an felt tip pen that we are using to draw on the wall AS we talk!!! "LUCY! What ARE you doing?" comes rolling out of my mouth. She looks at the magic marker like it is a poisonous snake that has attached itself to her hand. "Ohhhh"...she whispers ever so sweetly. "I’m sorry ~ I’m gonna go take a time out right now. I’m just gonna go sit on the time out step!" Huh? What? Where is the justice in this? She is punishing herself while acting as her own judge and jury?!? Lord, love us-this child is going to grow up to be a lawyer..I’m sure of it!

Smart, cute & funny- Boy!~Do I Love Lucy!!!
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