Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pancakes At Perkins

After we went to the park yesterday we stopped at Perkins to eat lunch. What a fiasco it is when you are eating with 4 little ones....what compels me to try it again when I know what the outcome is going to be like? There's an old saying- I am a glutton for punishment- remember that one? Well, I guess the glutton part would apply to the feeding frenzies I witness.

First, and foremost, we need menus. Not just ANY menus, they must be menus that you can color on. And why, pray tell, do they now give you a little packet with 2 crayons in it? Even worse, SweetCheeks opens her package of crayons~ one of them is white and one of them is yellow. She says, "Hey, I got da no coulahs". You got white and yellow the girls tell her. "Yeah theya NO COULAHS cuz yoah can’t see em whens you use em." I must say, she has a point there. "Lucy, do yoah wannah twade coloahs wif me?" NO~ Hmmmm....Using her best I’m-so-sweet-smile on Lulu she tries again, "Looloo, will you twade coloahs wif me?" NO....hmmm..

"I doan cahre, I not gonna coulah enyfing enyways", she says with arms crossed and bottom lip sticking out. Before anyone can respond the waitress has shown up to take our order. Lulu orders mac & cheese, Lucy orders pancakes with sprinkles, SweetCheeks points at her choice. It’s a kid sized pizza. "Are you sure that’s what you want?" We ask her. Head nods up and down-"Yessss....dats whut I want" she says smiling sweetly.

We talk and laugh a bit as we watch Mimi feeding BabyEEEEfan (who is quite well behaved) and then lunch is delivered. Lucy gets hers first-she is all smiles....yum..pancakes with sprinkles. Lulu gets hers next and she is smiling too....oooooh..mac & cheese with a fruit cup.
Uh-oh...here comes SweetCheeks order. "Hey-she says, "Dis is not whut I wanted". We tell her yes that it is what she ordered. Noooo...she contends...I pointed at dis picture...(pointing now to the pancakes with sprinkles which is certainly a lot more dramatic looking than a plain cheese pizza). No...that’s NOT what you pointed at... "Well, I haf da menu upsided down den." Hmmmm...now eyeing Lulu’s plate with the mac and cheese asks "Hey, Looloo...wanta twade?" Lulu, being Lulu and tender towards her sister says, " OK, one more bite and I will trade- Gimme your pizza!" Big shuddering outcry...NOT my PIZZA! I doan wanna twade my pizza! Well, what did you want to trade? My fwruit...I wanna twade my fwruit..NOT my pizza.

Guess what? Ding...Ding...Ding.....The trading table has closed for the day. Let the whining begin.
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Anonymous said...

But aren't we having fun? LOL

If SHE can figure it out.......... said...

My favorite part was when Lulu said "Do you want to trade now" and Sweetcheeks said "Never.".....