Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shopping With Lucy

Our little Lucy is a free-spirit. She does her own thing (as best she can at her age). She likes to dress herself and often looks like a 70's throwback with a very bohemian look. Most kids like to go to toy stores or game places. Not our Lucy-she likes shopping in department stores and going to Starbucks for a steamer.

I am not much of a shopper (of course MyHero would disagree with me but I don't count online shopping as actual shopping). At stores and malls I want to go in, find what I want, buy it and go home. But, because Lucy likes shopping, I usually take her for her birthday. Shopping with her is quite an experience. Nothing will do but we must look at every item of clothing on every rack in the place. Nothing seems quite right—, Nana, that’s too long, or too short, or too pink, or not pink enough, or too babyish. Babyish? She is FIVE for goodness sakes! Imagine shopping with her when she is 15!

I must say though that Lucy has good taste. No $3.00 Walmart specials for her....she likes to go to The Childrens Place and find outfits that cost more than my first wedding gown....yeah-y’all already know I had more than one wedding gown...knock off the snide remarks. Anyway, she holds up the prize and her whispery little voice says- "I like this one, Nana". Once the sticker shock has worn off I can appreciate the quality of what she has picked out. The color is lovely and it fits her perfectly~the cowboy hat is an especially nice touch. "I like it, Lucy, shall we pay for it then?". "But, Nana, there are lots of other stores here and I might find something somewhere else that I like even better". And, so it goes, we wander from store to store and shop til we drop. In the end, we go back to the first store and buy the first outfit she tried on. It is all made worthwhile when she looks at me, excitedly, with those big, hazel eyes and says, "I love it, Nana, thank you!" As I say, "You’re welcome", I can only imagine how excited MyHero is going to be when he sees the credit card statement.
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