Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Win!~ Again

The picture you see here is one of Grampa & Grandmother K. She did NOT like to be called Gramma or Granny or Grandma....She was Grandmother. The Grandmother!

MyHero and I produced 3 grandchildren for them and they inherited my oldest son in the mix. They loved all the kids but I think Grandmother had a special place in her heart for Mimi. For one thing, Mimi was a teeny little thing with a big vocabulary. She enunciated like a 10 year old when she was 3. People used to stare and her and once in a while people asked if she was a midget. Ok...folks..are you blind here? Huh? Those folks were the ones that I wanted to ask if they were Nethanderals...but never did...I was nice....I’m usually nice...hahaha...okay..I lied.

Anyway, in Mimi, GrandmotherK had met her match. She was fascinated by this waif of a child and liked to play games with her. One of the games was a pre-computer sort of pad. You put a programmed card into it, punched a 4 digit code in and if you got all 15 answers right it would play a song. Well, Mimi, being a Mimi, memorized all the codes. So, it didn’t matter what card she put in-if she plugged in the 4 digit code and answered A/B/C/D in the right sequence the little song would play and we would clap and praise Jesus that she got it right again. GrandmotherK picked a card for her to use. Hmmm...Use Code 1- Nope! Don’t like Code 1 - let’s use Code2- which doesn’t line up at all with the answers to Code 1 card that has just been inserted.. (Grandmother was not quite onto the whole Code thing). Hmmm.... Answer every question wrong.-and, of course, Grandmother K is telling her they are all wrong. Ever so sweetly, after every, "That’s wrong, Mimi," she would reply, "No it’s not". 15 questions answered-set the pad down, walk away and listen to the song play. Hmmm...wish I had a camera to capture the look on GrandmotherK’s face-it is NOT pretty-she has been hucked by a huckster.

My personal favorite though was when we would go to THE CLUB in Pompano Beach. Hmmm...mind your ps’& qs. Belly up to the brunch bar. MrK loads up the Mimi’s plate with a hash brown "basket" with a poached egg in it. (Looks like a dead eye to me). Mimi takes one look at it and says in her candy sweet little voice- "I’m not eating that-it’s gross". Whereupon, GrandmotherK, mistress of the brunch bunch, says, "Oh, yes you will, Mimi". "No-I’m not going to eat it"-still in her sweet and sing-song little voice. GrandmotherK (getting a bit huffy now) replies, "Mimi there are children right here in Fort Lauderdale that are starving and they would love to have that to eat." Mimi, batting her eyes and fluffing her pigtails, said, "Well, you can send them this because I’m not going to eat it!". GrandmotherK had the decency to pretend she didn’t hear it and passed Mimi the chocolate pudding~
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