Tuesday, March 2, 2010


SweetCheeks has an imaginary “visible” (but invisible to the rest of us) friend, Bob. Bob is quite the character, or so we are told. We haven’t talked to him ourselves. However, with SweetCheeks acting as an interpreter he will answer questions. He is sitting right beside her on the bench holding her hand- See him? Sure you do! Use your imagination people!!

SweetCheeks says Bob can be anyone he wants to be. Sometimes he is her older friend or her playmate, sometimes he is her “baby”, and sometimes he is just BOB! Period. I like it best when he is just BOB. She bosses him around. She calls him on the phone to remind him to pick mulky up on the way home from wurrk. Sad to say~ Bob does not listen. Sometimes he comes home and has forgotten to stop and pick up the milk. SweetCheeks exasperation is plain to see. She puts her hands on her hips, cocks her head to one side, and scolds Bob. “How comes you remembahed to get some candy foah yurself and forwgot the mulky?” I don’t think Bob has much to say for himself. I think he just hangs his head in shame..

They do have fun together though. They ride on the Ferris wheel (that only they can see) and they sing together. We only hear one voice but SweetCheeks insists Bob is singing but hims jusst can’t remembah all the wurdsss. Poor Bob!

SweetCheeks isn’t naughty very often but Boy-oh-Boy can that Bob get himself in trouble. One day I asked her who ate Lulu & Lucy’s Junior Mints. Hmmm...who do YOU think did it? Yep! It was that darned old Bob. She told us that “ Hims taking a tiwme out wright now! Where? “Well, Nana, of couwrse, hims right ober on the tiwme out step . You remebah, the third one from the bottom where we can SEE him!” Oh, yes-how could I miss him?!?!

We found out recently that Bob won’t be doing many naughty things anymore. Apparently, he has reformed and is now a “good boy”. Too good to be true? Not at all- Bob now has his OWN “visible” friend named Deed! Indeed! I can’t wait to see what “hims” can do!
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