Friday, March 5, 2010

DEED? Indeed!

If you have been following along with all my nonsense you know who Bob is, right? Ok-You know how I have been promising a quiz to see if you are doing your required reading? Well, here’s the first one- Who is Bob? Ah...if you DON’T know you are going to have to go over to the archives and find him HERE. Better than that-What About Bob? Remember that movie? Bill Murray as Bob~Hysterical-wet your pants laughing hysterical.

We have our own Bob (even if he is invisible) and now Bob has his own invisible friend, DEED! Life is getting more complicated by the minute, isn’t it? SweetCheeks came up with the name. DEED-What a name! Doesn’t the name itself sound like someone with a troubled history~scheming & unruly? Where did she get it? We have NO idea! Perhaps she has connections to another world that only those with great imagination can find. What we have gleaned from SweetCheeks so far is that DEED is a very bad boy. We used to think Bob was bad but he can’t hold a candle to DEED.

The other day SweetCheeks was holding her baby and standing very still and looking quite woe-be-gone. What IS the matter we wanted to know. Bob is crying she told us. Oh, No! Why is Bob crying? Cuz DEED pusheted Bob dowhn the schteps and now hims hurt. Okay- following along this line of questioning then....Where is DEED? Hims in a timeout and now I doan’t have any buddy (yes, it is not anybody it is any buddy-I think Little Miss Literal has been giving her speech lessons) to play wif me. Something tells me to turn my head before I start laughing hysterically-too late-here comes that dreaded question again....Whut’s so funny?
"Come on", I tell her, "Nana will read to you". Reluctantly, and ever so slowly, SweetCheeks follows me to the bookshelf. "Do you want me to read a book?", I ask her. She nods her head up and down and we snuggle down to read all about Pooh Bear & his big adventure. Just as I am about to start reading she gets up and walks around to my other side. "What are you doing, Sweet Cheeks?", I ask. The look that she gives me is certainly one reserved for idiots and cretins. "I makin sum room foah Bob & DEED they wike stories too!" Of course they do, what WAS I thinking? Snuggle up boys.....and DEED...behave yoahshelf!!
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Anonymous said...

You are going to have to do more than do Quiz to keep me straight. I think Bob and Deed are very interesting.