Saturday, March 13, 2010

Woger Wabbit

Listen, can you hear it? The laughter? Hear it? It’s my friend, Sandy. If she is reading this, right about now she has realized what’s happening here. The picture will send her into peals of laughter because she WILL remember this day! She will be laughing so hard that we should all be able to hear her. Oh, yeah...and her face will be bright red because that is what happens to her when she gets embarrassed, or hot, or mad. I have seen her in all 3 states-none of them very pretty....although SHE is pretty and dear to me. We have weathered some rough patches in life and stuck by each other through thick and thin. But this is not about our relationship-well, it is in a way-it is about one of the times I "got her"~(there have been a few-some of which I can never mention or she will NOT be my friend anymore-trust me on this).

The picture that you see is NOT, I repeat~NOT, a Halloween picture. Instead this was taken on one hot summer Florida day. Now, if y’all (don’t you just love that Southern term-it is so all encompassing)..if y’all have ever been in Florida in July you know it is hot. If you’ve NEVER been in Florida in the middle of July, I have a piece of advice for you here- Don’t go!

Sandy was visiting me. Here’s a little side tidbit for you~ we met in Florida in a Laundromat and we have both moved all over the country and always been in driving distance of each other...well, except when she moved to Colorado and left me stuck here in the Midwest-what WERE you thinking anyway? Back to the visit. Sandy and I used to stay up all night long to talk and watch TV after MyHero and the kids were in bed. This was before you had 6,543 channels to choose from. This was when you had the good old basic channels and the "religious channel". We loved to watch Jim & Tammy Faye Baker. Remember them? We did not watch them for the blessing we could get from the show-we watched them solely to see Tammy Faye Baker (God rest her soul) shed those big crocodile tears and see how much mascara would run down her face. Anyway, one night we decided we’d had enough of Tammy Faye so we went to the video store and rented a movie.

Back then you returned the movie in 24 hours or you paid a hefty fee so we decided about noon the following day to take the movie back. As we are piling into the car MamasBoy came running out in his rabbit costume (left over from Halloween). Sandy took one look at him and said, (rather empathetically I thought), "That kid is NOT going with us with that costume on". He started to cry. I said, "Aw, come on, no one will see him". "No!", she said, "You go-I don’t want to be seen with him in that stupid rabbit costume in July". By now because it is July, because he has a hot rabbit costume on, because he is just MamasBoy, the sweat is rolling down his little face & mingling with the tears. I never could bear to see him cry. . "Come on", I entreated her- "No one will even see him".

When we got to the video store it was packed. I pulled up and dropped her off at the door. As soon as she was out and the door was closed behind her I told MamasBoy..."Quick, Quick...jump out of the car and go with Auntie Sandy~" He did! I honked, waved merrily and drove to the far side of the parking lot.

As best I remember it when she came out her face was red (and not because it was hot). She looked kind of cross. As best I remember it she did not speak to me all the way home. As best I remember it-we were laughing about it later that night. I’m thinking she and I should create one more memory. Hey .Sandy...come visit- SweetCheeks has her very own rabbit costume too- and - she has a friend!
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You are dangerous, you do know that, don't you, Diana?

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