Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Elves Themselves

We not only have fairies at our house-we have elves. Elves are bigger than fairies and they have their own little "house" complete with a front door and a "lawn". When we were remodeling this house (one of many, many, many houses we have remodeled-don’t ask HOW many, okay?) we were told we had to provide access to the old roof. The "old" roof now has a new roof over part of it. Why do anything as ordinary as cutting a hole through a closet when you can go for a surprise element in your house? As most of you are finding out, there is nothing ordinary about THIS strange family.

I thought it would be a great idea to make an entrance to the old roof that looked like a door. What? What did I say? I want a door that opens only into an old roofed area? Yes, indeedy! The builder (Phil-God bless him) looked at me like I had grown a third head (by now he was accustomed to seeing me with two). He wanted to hate me, I’m sure, but he was nice because I kept giving him donuts. And here you thought I was a dummy, didn’t you?

Anyway, we now have a "door" that leads nowhere. Yes-that’s right- to nowhere. It is about 12 feet in the air and has a "balcony" that overlooks our family room. The neat thing about it is that The Elf family has taken up residence there. The kids have even named them-George & Ethel. They decorate for all the seasons & even put lights on their tree at Christmas time. Outside their door is a wonderful little lantern. When the grandkids are sleeping over and the elves go to bed they turn off that lantern. All small living creatures below the balcony (that would anyone under 10) must dutifully trot up the stairs and go beddy-bye.

SweetCheeks starts watching for the light about 7pm. About every 5 minutes or so she will announce "da elfess arhe still awake, Nana." About 8pm the elves turn in and off goes their light. Amazing! If Lucy is here she has kind of panicky reaction, "Nana, the elves went to bed-come on we have to go upstairs" and, with eyes big as saucers, she rushes headlong to the steps. I like that reaction. SweetCheeks, on the other hand, has learned to bargain, "Da elfes are inside but dey iss watching TV or sumfin cuz I doan’t think thems in bed yet. Nana, can I haf a cookie too.....No? Okay, den can I haf sum milky in my sippy cup?" As I am getting her milk, she yells up at the elves - "Hey-turan yoah light bachk on and we’ll all have some cookies or sumfin!"

Thank God those elves are stone deaf!
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Anonymous said...

I am LMAO!! That is so cute!

Anonymous said...

You have elves, I have ghosts.

If SHE can figure it out.......... said...

Are you sure they aren't Smurfs??? Or maybe California Raisins?