Saturday, March 6, 2010

MamasBoy The Menace

Imagine Dennis the Menace grown up. Got the visual? Great- Now just change his name to MamasBoy. MamasBoy stopped by this morning for a few minutes. I cajoled him into eating breakfast (okay-I lied-I think he asked- "What do you have to eat?") Within minutes the bacon was sizzling, the eggs were setting and the toast was turning a golden brown. MyHero wondered why MamasBoy was eating a home cooked breakfast while he (MyHero) was left to fend for himself. I told him that I liked MamasBoy better. That went over like a rabbit on birth control. (Didn’t work)

After MamasBoy finished eating I punished him by making him sign into this blog and asked him to sign up as a Follower. He is NOT a good follower. Like MyHero he is a leader and wants to do things his own way. When I tried to get him to post a picture as a follower I was met with all kinds of resistance. I had several photos in My Pictures for him to choose from -but would those do? No! Instead he must go into the internet and FIND some pictures he thinks suitable. I heard evil laughter floating across the room. I raced to the computer to see what he was doing. First, he posted a picture of that idiot from The Office...Michael Whatever-His-Name is...the real Dorcas that no one likes. When I saw that I very sweetly (hahaha) said "KNOCK IT OFF, YOU IDIOT- I don’t want people to think he is my son! Put a real picture of yourself on there." When I checked back he has posted a mug shot of Nick Nolte taken when he was arrested. Sometimes I would like to beat him but he is too old and fast. I told him to forget the picture and go to work~!

After he left I was reflecting on what a pain in the -er- I mean what a joy he is to our lives. I was also reflecting on what a blessing that he has a SecretAgent in his life. She is someone that loves and accepts him just as he is & she still thinks he is funny even though he has "got her" hundreds of times. She is his rock & keeps him grounded (to reality-otherwise he would be up there Astral floating with some of our other relatives).

What a blessing in my own life to have the SecretAgent. Every family needs someone like her-discerning, loving and SANE! Yes, that’s it! That’s what I like about her- She is sane! The scary thing though is that we are alike in some ways and vastly different in others. For instance-we both take magazines apart and make them into binders with labels like...Things I Like....or.....Kitchen Ideas.....Sad, but true, that we have nothing better to do with our lives than rip up magazines and make Dream Books! The other sad thing? She has married into this family that skirts the edge of reality~and is now one of "us". Lord, help her survive & love us in spite of the fact that we are now connected forever. Amen
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