Saturday, March 20, 2010


A few years ago the kids put together a book of MyHeroisms for their Dad. They gave it to him for a Christmas present but it is one of those things that is good for a lifetime of laughs. It is composed of some of the goofy (or off the wall things) he has said or done.

Some of you know MyHero...some of you don’t. Some of you will think Oh My Gosh! He didn’t REALLY say that~did he? Yes! Yes he did! Some of you will wish you knew him personally so that you, too, could study him. Some of you will wish you had him at your house for the laughs. Some of you will praise Jesus that he is NOT your husband.

We have all gotten such a laugh out of the funny things that he says (without meaning to be funny-at least we don’t THINK he means to be funny) that I thought I would share a few of them with you. I will start with one that stands out in MY mind and then share other stories in the days to come.

One weekend we were staying in Houghton/Hancock, MI for the weekend. It is some of God’s beautiful country-where Lake Superior meets the land with a crash and a bang. It has been scarred by copper mines and has that wind-swept desperate quality that grabs hold of the emotions. The landscape is somewhat surreal, like nothing else I have ever seen in my travels.

We got there late in the evening and hungry (remember the hungry part as it plays an important part in this story). A few blocks away from where we were staying was a wonderful little restaurant, perched on the street above the river, called The Library. I do believe it was a big, old beautiful library at one time. Right now it is a somewhat eclectic eatery that offers both casual and fine dining.

We were seated in one of the booths that overlooks the river. A few tables away sat a woman with outrageously red hair. You know the kind~not the kind that nature blessed someone with~it’s the kind that can only come out of a bottle-a bad, bad bottle. To top matters off, she did not look like the red-head type-You know-the pearly translucent skin & light eyes-that somewhat delicate look that red-heads seem to maintain their whole life. No-she was a bottle job-and had the most pasty white skin and dark eyes I have ever seen. Picture the Snow Queen with beet colored hair.

I am trying NOT to stare when I notice MyHero has his eyes glued on their table. "Stop staring", I whispered. "I can’t help it", he said. "Boy! She doesn’t look good!" (No kidding?)...He continued, "Geez! I would hate to be stuck on a desert island with her." "Don’t worry about it", I tell him, "we aren’t boating this weekend". "IF we were all stuck on a desert island together she would be the first one we ate!". WHAT? WHAT? What is WRONG with you? "Well, I’m just saying, she doesn’t look like she would be able to do any work or anything and we’d probably need food!" Lord love us-WHAT kind of a mind jumps from dinner at The Library to eating one of its patrons?

By the time our dinners had been set before us I had lost my appetite.

PS- Please don't eat the baby~
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He's one of those that doesn't think before he speaks, I assume.