Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Shadow Knows

Today we picked the three girls up at their house. They were outside waiting for us and the sun was casting deep shadow "people" across their street. SweetCheeks was amazed~ "Hey-Dat shadow is follohoing me! It wafes to me when I wafe my hand and it wruns when I wrun too. But iss not bery smart cuz its can’t talk or enyfing. Lasterday I wented outside aftah lunch and its dissapeered." I love the logic of a 3 year old. I also love words (can you tell)? I find it endearing to listen to the way children roll their words and make them sound magical.

When our Lulu was three she always had her own way of looking at things too. Yesterday, in her vocabulary, was always LASTerday. Makes sense to me..perfect sense as a matter of fact. The last day should not be YESterday-it should be LASTerday. What perfect logic....or as a girl I used to work with would say...That makes logic to me...hmmmm When another co-worker corrected her she asked, "I bet you was a school teacher, wasn’t you?" Yes, indeedy... Matter of fact-she was!

Well, Our Lulu is not only literal she is sensible too. For instance, today when I pulled off the side of the road so MyHero could get out to fasten SweetCheeks seatbelt, (AGAIN) Lulu said-"You can’t stop here, Nana, because it says NO PARKING and you are parking right under the sign." I told her that I wasn’t "parking" I was just stopping to fix the seatbelt. Her next question was, "Well, then why did you put the car in Park?" She wasn’t being smart-mouthed...she was just being Lulu. SweetCheeks added to the conversation that, ‘hers is juss stopping heah, Lulu, and hers not gonna stay and hers not gonna stop again til I taked my seatbelt offf again." Whereupon, we warned her not to take her seatbelt off again...My all time favorite response coming right up~ "I not".

We are home now and they are outside playing. The running shadows will soon disappear and they will troop in full of fresh air and chatter. I can’t wait to see what I will learn tonight.
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