Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fairies Forever

I believe in fairies. And, because I believe, the fairies hang around my house. Just ask anyone that has visited here. Nana has fairy books & fairy lights and a hanging fairy. The most important fairy places in Nana’s house are the "hidey holes".The hidey holes are built into the side of the steps that lead down to the lower level. They have little magic rings that you put your finger in and pull the hinged door open. They are enchanted places that only a child can appreciate.
Somehow, someway, when no one is looking a fairy flies down and puts a little treat in the hidey holes. When the children cross the front threshold they run (no make that race) to see what small trinket or treat the fairy has left them. Sometimes it is a barrette. Sometimes it is a piece of candy. Sometimes it looks suspiciously like something Ronald McDonald put in a child’s meal that went missing. The fairies are just amazing and there is NO limit to their imagination. One time they even left new bathing suits. Of course, the fairies are not always "with it" (after all they live in their own magical little world). Lulu saw fit to tell the resident fairy that Lucy was a size 4 NOT a size 3! Just to remind him-she left a note in Lucy’s hidey hole..
Lulu likes her treat no matter what it is. Lucy likes it unless it is chocolate. Lucy does NOT like chocolate. Did you ever meet a child that didn’t like chocolate? Let me amend that statement-she only likes chocolate if it surrounding a Junior mint. Ever know kids that liked mint of any kind? We have three! SweetCheeks likes not only her own Junior Mint she likes everyone elses too. That is why they RACE to the hidey holes. They do NOT want SweetCheeks to get there first.
On lazy afternoons we watch for fairy lights. They seem to appear most vibrantly in the late afternoon when the sun is slanting across the crystal chandelier. A shimmer of wind will set them dancing. We also find fairy lights when the sun glances off a watch and throws rays across the ceiling. We are blessed with an abundance of fairies. I never know when one will appear. I know the day will come when fairies and elves will move on leaving their trail of fairy dust behind. I am already dreading the day the last fairy flits away. But, for today, I see the enchantment mirrored in 3 pairs of eyes as the hidey hole gives up its treasure-big or small. I see the joy and wonder that fleetingly crosses little faces when a small breeze sets the gossamer wings in motion. I see-I absorb-I become a child again-and just for a moment-I too believe.
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Practically Spent said...

Hidey holes ~ very cute. My 6.5 year old has been obsessed with fairies for a couple of years now. On her window sill, she's set up the most darling garden, table, chairs, food, water, bed, other fairy friends that can welcome them and tiny, and tiny lights in hopes to help them find their way when they arrive at night.

It's true ~ those fairies are quick, sneaky & slightly mischievous!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

What fun at your house! Mercy, I've now found kids who love Junior Mints! Those are my favorite. I couldn't live without Junior Mints. I even blogged on them over at Cottage By The Sea. I'm convinced they are very nutrious too. Dark (the good for you, chocolate) with a minty middle. Mint is very good for the brain. I give my kids Junior Mints whenever they have a test at school. They just roll their eyes, as only teens can do, and say, "I hate mint". "Oh, too bad I guess I'll have to eat them for you." Hope you pass that test!

NanaDiana said...

Junior Mints- I hide them on myself so I don't eat them before the kids get I have to remember where I hid is such a