Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's A Monkey Party!!!

The Invitation
Arrived quite a while ago.
I was wondering what kind of party
Mimi & TheIslandScout
would host for
BabyE's first
The outside looked like this~
I opened the monkey's mouth
and saw this~
I called Mimi and asked what the party's theme was.
"Ha! Ha! Very funny"! was the response I got.
Well really!
She wanted to know if I had seen Martha Stewart's
Monkey Cake!
Well, look it up!
I did!
See below~
Now how cute is that, I ask you?That means I have to go shopping...
I know that Mimi wants a gift card for pictures.
BabyE needs a one year picture taken.
(along about Baby #3-she will be lucky to get a 5 year old picture)
But, in time, she will know that.
Oh, drat!
That means I have to go to the MALL.
I am NOT a MALL person!
I like little independent shops...
And Resale Shops-
And Antique Shops-
But that's just me~
It's off to the Mall~
Here we are-
I give them money and they swipe a card
and off I go.
Wait! Wait! What is that I see right around the corner?'s the Gymboree shop!
They might have a little something to add to
the gift card package.
I walk in and am greeted by THE CUTEST
sales clerk.
Isn't she a doll?
And..she was just as sweet as she looks!
Can I help you?
Nope~just looking!
I look and I see this...
Nope nothing there for
The Little Man.
Wait a minute!
What's that I see?
NO! It can't be!
I move closer!
Ohhh-How cute is that?
A monkey jumper!
I am so excited I am grinning
from ear to ear
like a lunatic!
(Apologies to any lunatics reading this)
Can it get any better?
Yes it can!
We have MONKEY SOCKS!Sweet little salesgirls rings everything up.
You are only 27 cents away from a
$25.00 coupon!
Well...what can I find!
Found something but...
I can't show you yet.
I'll bet you can't wait
to see it.
But you'll have to.
Because right now..
I am going to show you...
The cutest monkey of all~

Happy Birthday BabyE.

We are blessed to have you!

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  1. Hi Diana~~~looks like you found gifts that go perfectly with the theme of the party. Your little "monkey" birthday boy is adorable!!!
    Your posts are always fun.
    Have a great time at the party.

  2. Those are the perfect gifts for a Monkey Party, have a great time :)

  3. I hope Baby E enjoys the gifts as much as you enjoyed the shopping, even if you don't like Malls.
    Now come on, what else did you get?

  4. Oh oh oh oh oh!!!!
    A MONKEY cute is that!
    ANd those MONKEY clothes...those are the cutest!
    Can't wait to see pics of the party!
    I'm not a MALL person either sweetpea! xo

  5. LOL! You are a riot, Diana! And such a fun grandma, too! Your little grandkiddos must just adore you!!! Hope the Monkey Party is the cat's meow! lol!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk


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