Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Best Thank You Ever~

This postcard came in the mail...
Tis a Thank You!
A Thank You to Nana & Papa...
A thank you for gifts and
being there for the party...
No thanks needed~
but greatly appreciated~
But really...
The thanks belongs
somewhere else..
It belongs to
Thank YOU, God, for this precious MONKEY!
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  1. Diana, this is so precious. And I loved the monkey party so much. So much how children are little monkeys and you are so blessed with all you created.

  2. sweet.
    The little one here is still up, and it's after 10:30!!!!
    I am soooo tired!
    My husbands kids don't make their kids go to bed until the adults go to bed.....ugh.
    I'm going in to the pharmacy tomorrow to work.

  3. Debbie- That is just CRAZY! We have a "fairy light" at our house. When the Little People go to bed so do the grandkids...somewhere between 8 & 8:30- and because of the "fairy light" they never even question the decision. Hugs-hope you get some rest- Diana


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