Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DEED! Who Is Deed

By 8:00am yesterday
I had a couple of emails
asking about
Who IS Deed?
Well, as you know, he has
now passed to the great beyond
of childhood fantasy.
But here is Deed..
at his best.

SweetCheeks came up with
the name, DEED.
Doesn't the name itself
inspire thoughts of
a naughty boy..
one that is scheming and unruly?

According to SweetCheeks,

One day SweetCheeks was holding
her baby doll...standing
very still and looking quite
What IS the matter? I asked.
Bob (remember Bob?) is crying.
Oh No! Why is Bob crying?
Cuzz DEED pushteted Bob
dowhn the stheps and
now hims hurt!
Where is DEED now?
Hims in a tihme out and
now I doan't haff eny buddy
to play wiff me.

Something tells me to
turn my head before
I start laughing.
Too late...
Here comes the dreaded,
and oft-repeated,
Whut's so fhunny, Nana?

Come on, SweetCheeks..
Nana will read to you!
Big sigh..
Reluctantly she goes to
get a Winnie the Pooh
book from the shelf.

Just as we are snuggling down
to read, SweetCheeks
gets up, walks around me,
and sits on my other side.
What are you doing, SweetCheeks?
The look she gives me is one
reserved for Idiots and Cretins.
Ih'm makin' sum roohm foah
Bob & Deed.
They lwike sthories too!
Of course they do!
What WAS I thinking?

Snuggle up boys,
and behave yourselves.
Yeah..SweetCheeks echoes..
Behaffve yoahselves!

I am in mourning-
Now that they are both
dead in the ground..
I am indeed mourning
their loss.
I am sure going to miss
Bob..but even more..
I will miss DEED.
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Jettie said...

Shame on you for laughing at Bob and Deed. I do remember when that incident happened,and I've always been curious about Deed's name. Get that child her own computer, she should be a writer or an actress of mega fame in a few years.

laura said...

Sweetcheeks is such a little character, isnt she!!! she cracks me up from a million miles away!!! thankyou diana for my daily fix of giggles - i believe in laughing as much as possible - its the best medicine!!
hugs to you and sweetcheeks, rip bob and deed!!! deed indeed!

Karen said...

What an imagination!... that child is going places.

Tete said...

That girl needs to do her own blog- I am so glad that you are writing this all down. Her kids will never believe it!
I love my mornings with you- you make me smile- and pee my pants!
Hugs coming your way- Tete
PS- woke up to snow this morning...

Patty Patterson said...

*LOL* That's too funny! Deed does sound like a naughty little boy.

Julie Harward said...

Thats funny! You know with 8 kids I never had one that had an invisable I am wondering why?

Gabriele Agustini said...

Again - a fabulous post, my friend!!
Blogging about the little-ones is the best, isn't it?!
Endless material!! :)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

LOL..they will be back...i betcha! Will probably eat the Christmas cookies all up. :)

Pamela said...

I can't wait for the Santa stories! I can only imagine her letter to Santa!!

Heaven's Walk - said...

I agree with Tete, Diana! SC needs her own little blog! She is so adorable! lol! Is she anything like you....back in the day....??? lol!

xoxo laurie

Bella said...

Hi Diana, How sweet is she! I have been catching up and it seems everyones in your families birthday is this time of year... there is one special one I am waiting to see... will there be a sink bath or bunny ears??
The flocking is messy, big tarp.. it sprays thick so didn't mist or project too far :-)))) Now it's powdery, we'll see if I knock it all off decorating!

Rebecca said...

Wowzers...what an imagination. I love it! So very sweet!!!!

Girly~I love my visits with you..

Love, Rebecca