Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SweetCheeks and the Polar Bear

Well...I know I promised you
SweetCheeks and Santy Clause
I lied..
Yep..I didn't mean to lie
Someone who shall remain
after being asked about
10 times to email me
the Santa Claus pictures....
So, instead, you will be
treated (get it-cookie-treat? never mind)
to a trip to Starbucks
Below is two sessions
combined into one story.
This was the morning of
fourth birthday.
Here you go..SweetCheeks..
A sugar cookie
just for you.
Isss not a sugahar cookie
Isss a bearh cookie.
Alrighty then..that's
how the day is gonna be..
Isss okay Nana...I luve
theese cookies.
Can I haff sum milhk too?
Hey...iss thiss chocklut milhk
or white milhk cuz I doan
want white milhk.
It's Vanilla milk..
It iss?
Okay then I guess I lihke
Vhanilla milhk.
Hmmm..Hey that cookie looks pretty good.
Can I have a bite?
Huh? (chewing quickly now)
Can I have a bite of cookie?
I'll safe yoah a bite.
Okay..don't forget..
Ih whon't!
Did yoah know I ghet 4 whishes
for my birthday at skool?
Nope! What are your wishes?
Wellll...I whish I was three again.
I sayed I whish I was three again..
Okay..what else..
Well..I whish I had a little pony.
Okay..what else..
An' I whish I was a Mom and
had a baby gurhl..
named Rainbow.
Okay..what's you last wish?
I whish I had NINE sisters~
Alrighty then..
Hey...where's my bite of cookie?
Ohh..I gott so bizzy that
I ate it all..Sorreee..
Yeah, me too...
Sorry that I couldn't put a rock on
your head and keep you this age
forever, SweetCheeks~
Yes, honey?
Doan't put a rhock on my head
cuzz that wood hurht.
Okay.. I won't.
I promise, SweetCheeks.
Yoah know whut else I whish, Nana?
I whish I had another cookie too.
Maybe tomorrow.
I haf to go to skool tomorrow and I can't come hearh.
NANA~ Yoah is NOT evfan funny!
your photo name


Tete said...

LOL- you sure think fast on your feet...vanilla milk...I have to remember that one...
Tpot- get the lead out and send those photos. Curious minds want to know the story of Santa and this brilliant 4 year old...I have been waiting 2 whole days now and without a bear cookie or vanilla milk.
You have so warped this child...LOL- mine are warped, too.

laura said...

Hi Diana,
lovely funny stories!! wouldnt it be lovely if we could keep them forever as little gorgeous babies!! ( i say babies, but i really mean `little` you know - children)Hope naughty t-pot sends you your other gorgeous pics - look forward to seeing them!
Lots of love,
Laura xxx
(p.s no, havent finished it yet!!!)

A Cottage Muse said...

Diana, these precious photos and stories are a wonderful "gift" for SweetCheeks when she gets older. Also a gift to us too!

Pam said...

Well, the polar bear story will do for now! That cookie does look pretty good. I love iced cookies and so does my butt!

Janean said...

how sweet....can't wipe the grin off my nana-face. thanks for sharing it. :)

Gabriele Agustini said...

I'd just like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a glorious Holiday Season!!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Been working 18 hour days and just catching up. I love this story. I've got to admit that cookie does look pretty darn good!!! Oohh, and a nice cold glass of vanilla milk to go with it!!! She is so cute and funny and you are very quick.
I'm hoping to find some time tonight or tomorrow to finally write/photo another post. It depends how long I have to work today-I know you know the feeling well !