Sunday, December 19, 2010

Monkey Business

is not happy!
is feeling pretty sad.
Whatever is the matter
Look...Look at my twree..
Do yoah see whut's misssing?
Uh...Did you eat all the
candy canes off?
Okay...I don't know.
What is missing,
Thass whut's missing...
I was puttin' it on thu bwranch
and it slippeted off and
it smashed all to pieces
and now iss all gone..
and it wuss my
too. Ahnd...YOAH
gott it foarh me lass' yhear.
Well, SweetCheeks...
Let's go see if we can find
another one.
That will be your ornament for
this year, okay?
OH-KAY Nannee..
I nott gonna break thiss one
eny more.
Off we go on our big adventure.
We went to a store..
and another store..
and another store..
NO ONE has any
monkey ornaments this year.
SweetCheeks was
getting pretty discouraged..
but finally...
Thank You Lord!
We stopped at
Aim Variety..
SweetCheeks very sweetly
asked the lady..
'Scuse yoah
haff eny munkey
The woman smiled
at her cute little
Why! Yes! I believe we
do, she said.
SweetCheeks little face
lit up.
She smiled .
She was hot on the
sales woman's heels to
follow her to
The tree
that held the monkey ornament.
She looked...
Her smile turned upside down..
The lip started to quiver
a bit..
The lady felt bad..
I felt bad..
SweetCheeks felt worse.
The only cure?
Off to Starbucks to
discuss the matter.
One Starbucks
Steamerah coming right up!
They know my order
by heart...
Just your usual? they ask.
Put a little Prozac in it
will ya?
I have two days to shop.
because I am working
next week..
Lord, please let me find
a monkey ornament!
your photo name


Kathy said...

I would send it if I had one...
I did buy a monkey pillow for little Max this year for Christmas!
Maybe a pillow would do...a monkey book?
Probably NOT...
I must have her crown though...
that would take presidence over the monkey for me.

Lets see...
Life without a monkey,
or life without a crown...Hummmmm
Give her a couple more years...I'm sure she'll come around to my way of thinking.

Give her a big ole Monkey hug from me.
Christmas ...such fun with SweetCheeks.
Love to you,
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

AnonyaMouse said...

Poor Sweet Cheeks, I hate that her favorite ornament got smashed.
But wait, that is nana that is going to get smashed! Or Prozac-ed. Somewhere out there is another monkey oranment.

Someday I'll tell you about the 12 ft tree in the 11 1/2 foot house, lol....

time worn interiors said...

Ah, poor Sweet Cheeks! A monkey ornament! Kids love the craziest things don't they!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Well darn, the gorilla wasn't good enough, huh?

Patty Patterson said...

Poor Sweet Cheeks! I hope you are able to find a new monkey ornament.

Donna said...

Awwwww! I can feel Sweetcheeks pain! Too funny about the gorilla! I don't blame her, he looks pretty scary! Ok, the hunt is on for a monkey, there just has to be one somewhere!!!!!

shirley said...

5 little monkey, jumping off the bed...I mean 1 little monkey falling from the tree???
When you love your monkey, what can one do?
Hopefully SweetCheeks won't pout too long..
Santa is watching..
Merry Christmas to one Nana who truly loves her children...

Pam said...

That gorilla is a little scary! Good luck on finding a monkey. Wonder if they make an ornament with the monkeys from the Wizard of Oz? They weren't the least bit scary.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

What a darling post about your Darling Sweetcheeks. I do hope you find your monkey ornament... Maybe online?

Tete said...

There's 255 listed on ebay right now. Will she wait long enough for it to come in the mail?

PS Type in monkey ornament.

Lin said...

Poor Sweet Cheeks, I hope she finds her Monkey Ornament.

A Cottage Muse said...

Goodness...if you can't find one perhaps the Graphics Fairy might have an image to download and SweetCheeks can make her own!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Oh I wish I had one to send you. Poor little sweet cheeks. Something will turn up. Enjoy your Monday too. You have been one busy little bee. Can you send me an extra dose of the prozac??LOL!!~

Blooming Rose Musings said...

I have a feeling there are many bloggers keeping their eyes open for a monkey ornament. I've been trying to think if I've seen one this year. I think the suggestion about ebay is the best bet. I can feel her pain because I remember when my favorite ornament fell and smashed. I was upset too. Sweet Cheeks is so very precious...and she has a very loving Nana!
Wonderful story and I sure hope a replacement can be found. I'll keep my eyes open too.
Have a great week. I'm working long hours too...please pass the prozac!

Michelle said...

They have little sock monkey stuffed animals at Walgreens. ( I think they are tiny dog toys) get her one of those, they are adorable!