Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Playhouse Elves

Four year ago
I dreamed about a playhouse.
MyHero thought I had gone 'round the bend.
Maybe I had...but it was
a great bend to go 'round.
I promised my dear
brother-in-law, Steve, that
I would bake him
cinammon rolls every day
if he would build me a playhouse.
I pictured a 5x6 playhouse about
5' tall.
My picture was equivalant to
a 4x6.
Steve's picture was more like
an 8x10!
Steve-Oh (as I like to call him),
MamasBoy & TheBrawny Man
worked together and
brought the dream to fruition.
We have the
MacDaddy of all playhouses..
'deed we do!
It has an upper loft that will
hold a twin sized mattress
when the kids are older
and can sleep up there.
Right is just
a special little place
for girls to hang out.
We owned a window, siding
& door business.
The leaded glass windows
were salesmen's samples
that are used for all
the side windows.
The front door is an old
garage entry door..
cut down to size.
The big front window
was one we recycled when
we rehabbed a house.
My son found the
Lulu Avenue sign
at a 2nd hand store.
We call our granddaughter
even though that's not her real name!

So here she is..
when she was first finished..These two little girls
were her first "owners",
Lulu and Ria.
I made Lulu's dress to
"match" Ria's dress.And then, of course,
along came
Who has declared..
Alas, but summer is short here.
We close the playhouse for the
and Winter sets in.I look toward the playhouse after
It is snowing.
I can hardly see
through the snow.
Are those lights out there?I step softly off the back stoop
into the new fallen snow
and take a few steps
towards the little house.
The ELVES have
been here!
I am so excited I can hardly
hold my camera steady..
resulting in a slightly blurry picture...Closer.....Closer...And then I am upon it..
the lights are lit..
and the fence has...
Those crazy elves
FORGOT to put the garland
There's gonna be some
coal in a stocking somewhere.Not only that..
The Elves did NOT do a
very good job..
on hanging the
Mary Emmerling
Santa Claus flag..
It appears to have
blown away!>O
But there she is..
in all her glory..
waiting for the children to come
and see the magic
that the elves have wrought.And, even though you can't see it..
there is a lovely little
chandelier in the front
behind the tree.

Hurry, hurry,
Lulu, Ria & SweetCheeks...
Bring BabyE..
Come, come..
see what the
Elves have done!
I'll be turning handstands
til you get here!
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  1. I want to live there! Could I share with you, SweetCheeks? I will bake cookies for you every day!

  2. I am coming for a visit to spend time with you in that wonderful little house! And I am so playing dress up too!!

  3. Your playhouse is so cute! I'm assuming you ran electricity to it since you have a chandelier and all. Is there heat also? Your grandkids must think you are the coolest grandparents in the world. I do too!

  4. So pretty! I really like the playhouse. I've always wanted one, but we won't have room because I am planning to fill my back yard with a pool next summer..... and we don't have the carpentry skills. So... can I come play in yours?

  5. Oh, I just love this, what an awesome little place for grandchildren to play...and for a grandmother to decorate!!..

    We built a tree house for my son years ago that I just loved...and he thought was cool... for about three days. Then he wanted nothing to do with it. Ah well.

  6. Next summer the elves will have to build a little garage off the side of the playhouse for baby E's things (trucks, cars, boats, etc). :)

  7. Wow - this is such a cute little place. I LOVE it. What a dream for the kids...and it looks so cute all lit up. They did an amazing job. Really once of the nicest playhouses I have ever see...would love to see that in person!!

  8. I'll take one! How sweet. I want to see the inside. Oh my it is so charming. THose girls have to just love it!

  9. Boy Diana,
    You are the coolest grandma and grandpa of all time! I want a house like that for me! lol You are truly blessed to have so much happiness!

  10. That is the sweetest thing, I always wanted a playhouse when I was growing up too!!! OK I will ask again... can I come live at your house?
    Suzann xo

  11. Love it!!! We need one of those around our place.

  12. Oh my gosh, that is just the cutest thing ever! No wonder everyone loves to hang out with you!! I love the picket fence, and the warm glow within and all of that snow! It just looks so magical! What fun you must have with it, oh, and a chandelier to boot! Now I really want to come and live in your playhouse!

  13. Tell those girls that they have until spring and then I'm moving in! The darn thing probably has heat, too! Boy, do they even have any idea how lucky they are? My grandma's were never this cool!
    Be sure to stop by, my 2nd Hand Collections Party has begun!
    Hugs- Tete

  14. WOW! This is spectacular!!! This playhouse is cute beyond words. I LOVE it. I can see the chandelier and it's warm beautiful glow. This is absolutely amazing. The picket fence and all the Christmas lights...I am speechless. WOW! It looks so magical like a fairytale land with a warm christmas glow.

  15. My dearest friend,

    Your pictures are not blurry because you are shaking with excitement. They are blurry because you are shaking from the COLD!!! And you should probably consider this before ordering up some coal for the elves. I mean they get cold too ;) Not that I would know because you know I wouldn't get caught in those pointy shoes and tights.

    Anyway, the playhouse is slendid and there are going to be some VERY happy little girls!!! Missing garland, unstable flag and all - it will not matter in the least! It is simply that wonderful!



  16. OMG I love it i love it i love it and I am jealous because I always wanted this as a little girl!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm a girly girl?
    Can I come over and play Diana?

  17. Oh my goodness, that is just too cute! What lucky little grandchildren you have!

  18. I just love that playhouse Diana! I think it is the cutest, most charming one ever! And to decorate it for Christmas too, so wonderful!!!
    Sorry about sending the snow your way. We are just buried here right now. It's truly a blizzard!

  19. OH MY WORD! I'm speechless :)!! That is simply the most stunning, adorable, sweet and fabulous little cottage I've ever seen!

    Omg, I would love that as a studio for me :) You all did a beautiful job and I know it will be treasured forever!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays sweetie!

    Hugs, Cynthia xo

  20. What a magical place for you wee ones to play! I can only imagine the lives they must dream up playing in there! Glad you forged ahead and insisted on building it!

  21. That is the MOST AWESOME play house I have ever seen! What lucky little girls! Not only do they have that awesome play house, they also have an awesome Grandma too! :)


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