Monday, December 27, 2010

Baby E's Christmas Morning

If you have been following along
you may remember I told
you about
A Different Kind Of Christmas Story
It's the tradition my daughter
started with her children when
they were babies.
Now every year she
reads the true
Christmas Story
to her kids..
before they go find
their 3 gifts from Santa.
This year, BabyE listened
as she read the
story about the Nativity
Pardon my picture taking ability..
but here are the kids
all sitting under the tree
listening raptly to the story..BabyE gets up and wanders over
to the story-teller's corner..
causing much giggling
between his cousins.The giggling turned to laughter
when he proceeded to kiss
the animals on all the pages.

Afterwards, Auntie TPot

gave him a big hug...

She loves her little nephew.He had 3 gifts from Santa under

the tree too..

One of his gifts from Papa and Nana was a

Nativity of his very own..

made by Fisher Price, it

is the same ones his cousin's share..

After opening a couple of presents
he could not contain his
excitment. He bounced
and danced with every gift

Mama helped him get

the paper started.

He looks on with anticipation.
What IS it?

Oh how cute!

It is a bubble gum machine

with balls for the gumballs.

Just imagine all the fun Mama

is going to have picking all

those up everyday.

Another bright and colorful toy

to capture his attention.Uh-oh..

I think there is mayhem afoot..He wants to see SweetCheeks

new baby up close and personal.Lookit, Eeeefan,

I khurled my baby's hairh wiff my

curling ihron and putted a bow

in her hairh for Kristmus..

And now Ih am feeeding hers..

and yoah chan't touch her

cuz hers duzn't like enybuddy

to thouch hers when hers

when hers is eatting..GET IT?
I guess


because HIMS went over

to his other cousin to see

if he could help her open

her gift

being as she is a bit more

tolerant and all.

After everything was opened
I noticed BabyE's little
Who said,
Poop on Santa?
'Twasn't me!
It's been a wonderful year..
watching this baby
grow into a dear little boy.
A beautiful baby
last year..A beautiful little boy
this year...I can only imagine how
precious and grown up he
will be as a toddler next Christmas.
I love you, BabyE...
You are a light in my life!
your photo name


Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Loved reading it so much!


Flora Doora

Karen said...

He really is adorable, and you are truly blessed with these grandchildren. Never saw that nativity, would have loved it for my kids when they were small.

laura said...

Diana, its amazing how quick they grow isnt it? He is a cutie alright, gorgeous soft blonde curls!!! I love all the matching stripey pjs!!! Looks like it was a day to remember forever!!! Love the little nativity set too! good choice!!
hugs always, laura xxx

Tete said...

I love his jammies and this tradition of reading and opening presents! I love the santa butt!
I didn't know FP made a nativity- on my list for the toy drive for next year!
What beautiful blue eyes he has...oh the girls that will be lined up later...LOL
Hugs- Tete

Patty Patterson said...

I have the Fisher Price Nativity, also. It's actually MY nativity set, though. I posted it's picture last year:

I like really pretty nativity sets, but I don't like the idea of setting Jesus up out of reach of children - or setting him down low and saying "don't touch". I want a hands on Jesus that the kids can experience. So - this set was perfect. Every kid who comes through my studio at Christmas time is drawn to it.

If SHE can figure it out.......... said...

Yeah, that gumball machine toy is already all over the house.....I found a ball in the cat's food last night.

Suzann said...

He is so adorable I think he has beautiful eyes. He is going to captures all the girls hearts with those eyes.
I love the Fisher Price Nativity Scene how sweet!!!
Hope your Christams was wonderful!
Suzann xoxox

Love of the Sea said...

He is so cute. What an adorable little face.

Vanessa said...

Oh that last picture was just too precious! I so remember my boy with his chubby cheeks at that age! I love your daughter's tradition and think we may have to work that in at our house somehow. Sounds like you guys had a fabulous time!

Heaven's Walk - said...

*sigh* are THE BEST nana ever, D....seriously.... lol!

xoxo laurie

shirley said...

Life is Good..

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Your grandchildren are beautiful and I love sharing them with you through your blog. That baby E has the most dreamy eyes. Christmas at your house looks like so much fun. You can just feel the love there.