Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Booby Prize

Every year since Lulu was born
my daughter has had
an ornament and
white elephant exchange party.
The kids are sent off with Daddy
for the night and my daughter's friends
and relatives come to enjoy an evening
at her house.
Just a few shots of this and that.
This is her dining room chandelier..
which used to be super bright brass..
Spray painted Heirloom White
and adorned with shades
and baubles for Christmas.This is a shot of her family room..
where the party takes place.
The picture above the mantle is one
that hung above my mantle
for all the years the kids were little.
I passed it along a couple of years ago.The little dog on the mantle belonged
to one of us when we were kids on the farm.
It's an old Fisher-Price toy.
The little clock was in my daughter's room
when they were little.There was SOOO much food..
and I forgot to take pictures before
we started eating.
The cone tree is one we have done for
many years. It is a Styrofoam cone
covered in lettuce leaves.
My "ornaments" were always
star shapes cut out of yellow peppers..
and small red tomatoes..
and olives and radish roses.
My daughter showed me up
by making her "ornaments"
out of chocolate covered
strawberries and using
blueberries as "garland".
Cute, huh?Her tree lights are all white..
but the lights above her kitchen cabinets
this year are multi-colored...
a nod to the children in the house.After everyone has snacked
and eaten 5200 calories each..
we move to the real purpose of the party.
The Exchange.
This year we did not do an ornament
exchange. Instead we brought gifts
for a needy family.
However, we were NOT going to
give up our
White Elephant Exchange.
Here are some of the gals..
listening to instructions.
We had about 25 left at this point.
You drew a card and low to high
picked a package.
The next person could
"steal" another's gift
or pick a new one.
The first person got a money bar of soap.
The second person got this...Actually not too bad for a
White Elephant gift.
Of course there were a few old CD's
and a
Boyz to Men puzzle...
Yeah-Radical Man!SweetCheeks was allowed to stay
at the party..because
Daddy had take the other 2 to a pool.
But we won't talk about that here..
cuz SweetCheeks would NOT be happy
if she knew.
because she is so dad-blamed cute..
we let her pick a couple of gifts.
I encouraged her to give a special
one to her Mom...
Pick the big red bag..
I yelled!She did and this is what was in there.
I wish I had taken a picture of the doll's face.
It is the scariest looking doll ever..
Kinda like Chucky gone bad!
You all know who Chucky is-right?
Yeah-He is one scary dude!

He was my contribution to the

White Elephant Exchange.

I got the prize for the worst gift.

Yaaaay for me!

There is a little tradition we have...
It started when one of TPot's girlfriends
The Gynecologist Statue.
Her mother-in-law..
God rest her tortured mind..
bought this for Jessica as a
"wonderful surprise"
when her first child was born.
It was so hideous that Jessica used
to hide it and then have to bring
it out to display it when
her mother-in-law was visiting.
It is now known as
The Booby Prize!
Whoever gets it..can't exchange it..
they have to display it in
a prominent spot
in their home
for a whole year..
until the next
White Elephant Exchange.
I am
proud to announce
that my daughter
was the lucky recipient this year.
I think it will look quite nice
on her mantle.Uh-Oh...I see someone
has made off with
his stethoscope.
Be still my heart...
Get it...stethoscope...heart....
never mind~
your photo name


Karen said...

What a terrific tradition, a fun girls night out, and I love your daughter's decorations!.. especially the santa print above the mantel.

Diana said...

We have an annual girly party, too, every year at my DIL's here in town. So fun.....

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Her Christmas decorations look great. That party looks like so much fun.

Jettie said...

Oh that sounds fun, we had an exchange like that in a club I used to belong to, in the 80s.
Very few gifts were 'stolen', lol.

Debbie said...

Cute idea! I really loved the clock on the mantel, how sentimental she still has it. Our bunco group had a gift exchange party, where you get to steal one three times from another gal....oh boy that could get ugly with 11 women and few cocktails later LOL!!~ I hid mine, and stayed quiet the entire time..came home with what I wanted.

Patty Patterson said...

We got my daughter a figurine when she had Grace. But, it was a mother in a rocking chair rocking a newborn. And it was a Precious Moments. She collects precious moments, so it fit. I can't imagine a gynecologist figurine, unless the recipient had some desire to become an OBGYN.

Pam said...

Booby prize - gynecological figurine. You are so clever! You have to show us where she ends up putting it!

Julie Harward said...

That looks like a really fun party! I love all the decorations and the choc. fruit! Very funny white elephants too! ;D

Tete said...

This is so much fun! I am so sorry for your daughter- LOL.
Everything looks just wonderful and all the food and friends there! Yep, you had a real good time!
Thanks for sharing this!

Vanessa said...

Only 5200 calories? :-) What a fun party! Your daughter has her home decorated just beautifully and I love her chandelier! That booby prize is hilarious! We have a Polka Night Album...yes album, not CD...that makes the rounds at our White Elephant Exchanges.
Good times!

Pamela said...

What a fun party!! Your daughters home is lovely !!
That scary doll would creep my son out forever...he is afraid of dolls. I have to keep mine in the chest.
I would die if i had to display that doll for a whole year!
Pamela xo

Love of the Sea said...

Chucky gone Bad is a really scary thought. I'm afraid of Chucky without thinking he could be worse!

Heaven's Walk - said...

Beautiful chandy, Diana! Love the ornaments hanging from it! :)

First of all, DO NOT expect "ornament food" when you come to my house. That's way over our fancy-limit. You'll be lucky to see hubby actually eating with utensils.

Second - we used to play that game with hubby's family! Bad part was, they were really nice gifts and hubby's clan are extremely competitive, so everyone started conniving how to get the best of the best gifts from everyone else. :) But it sure was fun!

Third - where was the photo of you at the party?? lol!

xoxo laurie

Debbie~ said...

The party looks like so much fun! I love the lettuce tree! I'd never seen one before, GREAT idea. I had to laugh when I saw the Santa picture, I have the same one!!! He's hung over my fireplace at Christmas for years. I haven't brought him out the last couple of years, and think he'll be going to my son's for Lulu!

The white elephant game is a fave of mine, I have two parties coming up and yikes I'd better get busy, I haven't come up with my elephants yet! Thanks for sharing Diana, as always, it so much fun stopping in to see whats going on with you and your lovely family! xo Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

Lindy said...

Her mantel is so pretty -- I love the toys tucked into it! What a perfect idea with the Santa print too. The party idea was such a good idea. Sounds like a great time for all!

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

I am waiting to get to go to a white elephant exchange because I have some soap to pay forward. One side says face, the other side says butt!! It was a gag gift we got and I need somewhere to hand it off!!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

What a fun tradition! Your daughter's house looks beautiful with all the heirloom treasures you've handed down. I especially love that little Fisher Price dog. That booby prize though, I'm not sure where that would go for a whole year in my house. The snacks look so yummy. What a clever edible tree! Hmm, I wonder if I could do that?