Friday, December 10, 2010

A Wee Bit O' Christmas

I have been working more than
I planned,
and I have not done half of what
I had thought to do
by this date.
I did get a couple of my Santas out..
A Fitz & Floyd
favorite of mine.
He is keeping
ever so nicely
beside my
little bedroom tree.
He was
a gift from
several years ago.A little close up
of the wee tree..And there he is
snuggled underneath
in the magical glow
of soft white lights.And if you are very good
and promise not to
stomp on the
invisible elves
tomorrow I will
show you
The Playhouse..
decked out for
the Season.
I promise!
your photo name


  1. What invisible elves? I can see them- can't you?
    Love the Santa- I would bring that one home, too!
    Well, I have been waiting on you to post so I could head off to bed again!

  2. Oh, your tree is so pretty! No stomping here! I can't wait to see you playhouse!

  3. Santa is very cute. Love the bunnies. Will be waiting for the playhouse. I won't stomp on anyone.

  4. Are we going to see the Pearl dressed up for Christmas? You did put a tree in there didn't you?

  5. Promise I will not stomp! Looking forward to it.

  6. I love a tree with lights in the bedroom. Creates a romantic glow. Not that that is what you are going for or anything!

  7. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at your house!

  8. Sooo pretty with the tree lit, and the Santa under it's glow. I don't think I'd like invisible elves in the bedroom...who knows what they are doing when you are asleep...eeuuwwww.

  9. Hi Diana, I love the little tree in your bedroom!! Very romantic:-))
    The stand came from where else a garage sale :-))
    Have a great day don't step on the elves :-)

  10. Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl and be SOOO CRAAAAZY! We would have TOO MUCH FUN!!! I love all your Christmas decor! It looks BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for always commenting! I always look forward to a LAUGH (LOL) with you!


  11. Your tree is beautiful. I love your Santa too! Now if I could just borrow your elves...I have so much to do and it seems so little time left. ;)

  12. Hello Diana,
    I just love your looks so sweet under your tree in your room. Looks so Romanticy Christmasy!!! Are those words?
    Suzann xo

  13. Hi Diana...looking good girl! Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  14. Oooh! I bet those invisible elves must have eaten all of the cookies that you put out for Santa! Better bake some more before I come over! Such a pretty Santa. Can't wait to see the playhouse!

  15. Everything looks amazing.
    I just love visiting because you lift my spirits and make me smile!


    Thank you for all of your sweet visits.

  16. I love your Fitz & Floyd Santa! Your bedroom tree is beautiful. It's so romantic and lovely.
    I'm going away for Christmas and wasn't going to put up a tree. But I couldn't stand not having one, so tonight after work I stopped at the tree lot and got a little Charlie Brown type tree! It is so cute. I'll decorate it for a while but before I go away I'll untrim it and put things on it for the birds and squirrels outside. Charlie Brown would like that!

  17. Diana...
    I'll be waiting for that little decked out playhouse...
    The older I get the more I enjoy a good playhouse!
    Loved your visits girlfriend.
    Saddened by E. Edwards passing also.
    An amazing women to say the least.
    Merriest Christmas
    Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  18. Love your Santa and wee tree! And the idea of bringing a touch of Christmas into the bedroom. Very romantic!


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