Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What Happens At The WaterPark STAYS At The Waterpark-SweetCheeks Video

Well, being as I "found"
my camera late today,
should I tell you
it was in my son's car...
You didn't notice that the little
camera bag that was next to
you on the seat wasn't yours and,
consequentially MUST belong to
your Mom?

Anyway...no chance to take
any pictures tonight..
so..for all of you that have
(yes! There are a few of you
that are THAT crazy)
to see more SweetCheeks' videos
this ought to make you smile...
or do a sharp intake of breath...
your choice.

Just before Christmas
my two sons-in-laws
took Lulu, Ria, SweetCheeks
and BigBoy E to the
waterpark for a quick

SweetCheeks had her own
"scary story"
to tell me when she got home.

As you will hear, though,
Dad saved the day!
Does ANYONE remember
Lily Tomlin's character,
Edith Ann, on Laugh In?
I ALWAYS think of her
when I tape SweetCheeks.
your photo name


Laura said...

dearest diana, well, i am so glad that you found your camera, and so glad that i have found some me time to be able to get back to blogland!! i feel as though i have been gone forever and i have missed it so! reading back some of your posts of the past few days, i did chuckly when i read the poem of new year... my new year ended up quite dramatic as it happened and i perhaps didnt choose wisely! will know better next year however!! (famous last words) so glad that you had a lovely new years, i look forward to visiting you more and more!!! lots of love and hugs! laura xxx

Tete said...

I'll bet being her dad is a full time job. I remember Edith Ann! My parents seen her at the Hilton in Chicago when I was a kid on a weekend business trip and got to talk to her and get her autograph. Edith Ann and the operator were my favorites of hers!
Wasn't she on Laugh-in? Yeah, we're old!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

All she needs is a big ol' rocking chair!!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

She's such a cutie! Love how she describes the scary situation and her daddy's big arms that catched her :)

Gina said...

She is so funny. Thank goodness for Daddy!

Unknown said...

so so sweet ! What a darlin'

A day she will remember all her life and the story will get told over and over. Daddy is her hero.

- KAT -

Debbiedoos said...

YES, Lily Tomlin for sure LOL! That sure is scary sweet cheeks. Next time be sure to wear you life jacket:)

outjunking said...

Edith Ann I knew I had seen your sweet cheeks somewhere before. Star quality in that sweet cheeks.
Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

Loved Lily's character in that big chair!!
Have a Great Day!!

Marilyn said...

LOL.. This is awesome.. What a great post. I am stopping in to visit via The ArtsyGirl Connection, I've been looking for new blogs to indulge in and **I am HAPPY to be your newest follower here with SMILES**. Look forward to indulging in more of your posts.. HAPPIEST OF NEW YEAR.. Wishing you great health, love and success.. Marilyn http://www.theartsygirlconnection.com/ ..Hope you can stop in sometime.. :))

Jenni said...

I am so glad you found your camera, and hopefully you will be able to get it back soon! :) The video you showed is so cute! She is such a sweetie! :)

I hope you have a great day! Oh, and I do have a gingerbread recipe that is wonderful, but I will have to test Starbucks' version to know how it compares! See, you gave me an excuse to go to Starbucks! {Thank you!} :) :)


Susie said...

Thank goodness, you have the camera :):) One year, my daughter got a camera for Christmas and she thinks she threw it out with the wrapping papers.:(:( The stories S.C. tells crack me up. xoxo, Susie (She Junks)

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, Edith ann, yes yes you're right, so cute!

Pam Kessler said...

Yes, Edith Ann! I never thought of that until now, but now I am always going to have that in my mind when looking at her videos. Glad you found the camera!

bj said...

So cute, Diana....:))

I love L. Tomlin...I always loved her as the telephone operator who was always poking at her boobs and snorting....so funny.

Sue said...

Sweet Cheeks IS Edith Ann! Little kids always make us laugh, don't they? Glad her daddy carried her out to safety. And glad you found your camera, too!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Happy New Year Miss D! Oh girl...I love to laugh and this had me over the moon. Love E.A. but love Sweet Cheeks more! Yipeeeee for the camera find! Whew!

Love you~


Chatty Crone said...

Glad you found your camera - I'm new here - but I think Sweet Cheeks is beautiful. sandie

Nellie said...

How absolutely precious! I'll watch videos of SweetCheeks anyday!

Donna said...

Dear Diana,

Thank you for sharing Sweet Cheeks with us. She is delightful!

The joy of a child - Thank You, Lord!

Blessings to you both,

Tara said...

And, not to disappoint you all...but thought I would put the worriers to rest. That entire story was not true. Well, she was at the pool. What a drama queen. Gotta love her.

maddie/cadesmimi said...

You are so right, Sweet Cheeks does remind me of "Edith Ann"! She's growing up so fast, too...

camp and cottage living said...

You nailed it! Lillie Tomlin the second she is
She's so naturaly dramatic! Watchout world!

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Lily Tomlin for sure! Great video...she is the

Flora Doora

Sherry said...

You nailed it Lily Tomlin...such a darling! Glad you found your camera.

Holly said...

She is too cute, Nana! Yes, I remember Lily Tomlin - such a wonderful compliment to both!!

Debby said...

Yep, she needs the great big ole rocking chair. She is a hoot. How appropriate is her Daddy's girl shirt. How do you keep from laughing.

Patty said...

Glad you found your camera. But, I'm even more glad that Sweet Cheek's Daddy was there to catch her before she slipped. He should get a special reward or something.