Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Facts-I LOVE ROSES

I kind of  quit doing this but when
 Marti over @ Marti's Musings
 tagged me I thought
I would play along one more time. 
 I don't want to put others on the spot
so anyone that would like
 to take these questions and
 answer them on their own blog
is welcome to do so. 
 This is especially fun
 if you are a newer blogger.
  If you do so
please leave me a note so
 that I can post a link to your blog. 
 Hopefully, you will get a few new followers.

1. Where do you like to vacation? Florida in the winter and the UP in the summer/fall months.

2. Do you have pets?  No- Not anymore.  Since we put our last kitty down I just haven't had the heart to get another.  Plus, 2 of our kids have serious allergies to animals.

3. What is your favorite color?  It changes from time to time.  My wardrobe holds a lot of green/black/beige/gray- boring...I am boring..

4. How many are in your family?  We have 4 kids, 10 grandkids and one more baby on the way and I have one sibling-a wonderful brother.

5. What is your least favorite thing to do?  I am trying to think of something I really dislike...hmmmm...GOT IT!   I hate to put the clean dishes away out of the dishwasher.  I know, I know, weird, huh?

6. What is your most favorite thing to do?  I am hard pressed to pick just one?  Spend time with family is number one...but I also love to read, drive, sew, paint and oh...I could go on and on...Guess I will stop here.

7. If money were no object what would you like to do when you retire? Do a lot of traveling, take my kids/grandkids traveling/ help others get a start on their "dream" by making them loans/investments.

8. What is your favorite season?  Fall- I love Fall-followed closely by Christmas.

9. What book are you currently reading? I just picked up John Grishams latest.  I read a LOT of magazines, too

10.What time do you go to bed, get up in the morning?  Ready?  I go to bed about midnight and I am usually up about 5:30 am.  I do best on about 6 hours sleep.  I am pretty high-energy.

11.How long have you been blogging?  2 years!  WOW- Is that even possible?

11 Random things about me~

1.  I am a happy person and find joy in even the small things in life.
2.  I hate to admit that I don't feel well even if I am in pain- It makes me feel weak & I don't want to be  "that person" that is always talking about HEALTH issues!
3.  I am looking forward to some new ventures/adventures this year.
4.  I love a clean/orderly house.  The worst part of creativity to me is the mess...BUT  I don't mind one bit when the grandkkids mess up my house.
5.  I love roses- absolutely LOVE them..and lilacs!
6.  I just about always wear black- usually paired with another color.
7.  I have not had any sugar or white flour since July 18, 2011.
8.  I love fresh linens on my bed.  If I weren't so lazy I would change them everyday.
9.  I love to make people smile. 
10. I often create in my mind but son't always apply that creativity to a project- Laziness?
11. I believe in the power of prayer...that miracles can, and do, happen.

So...now...some of you...copy and paste the questions below and come back and tell me that you are doing this and I will post a link to your blog!  I am using Marti's questions because I think they are such good ones.  Then tell us 11 random things about yourself.  If you want to play by the rules you are supposed to tag 11 other people.  I am not a very good rule follower-  Sad, huh?  Anyway, Please grab the questions and try it!   It'll be fun- xo Diana

1.  Where do you like to vacation?

2.  Do you have pets?

3.  What is your favorite color?

4.  How many are in your family?

5.  What is your least favorite thing to do?

6.  What is your most favorite thing to do?

7.  If money were no object what would you like to do when you retire?

8.   What is your favorite season?

9.   What book are you currently reading?

10. What time do you go to bed, get up in the morning?

11. How long have you been blogging?

Can't wait to find out more about you!!!!

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Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

You know I used to love these tag games and especially this one. You find out so many interesting things. Now that I know you like to drive, will you be my driver? I hate to drive. :) Oh, and I really dislike unloading the dishwasher too. I will put off running the dishwasher because once done, then I know they have to be put away. Bobby G. usually does it. :) Happy Day Diana ~

julie - eab designs said...

Enjoyed reading more about you! I very much dislike putting away clean dishes as well, but don't mind washing the dirty ones! Drying dishes is not high on my list either. And like you, I wear black everyday - but I love it.

Patty said...

I just read your likeas and dislikes and realized we have an awful lot in common. I could have written that list myself.

And - I had my new blog scheduled to post at 7 am this morning - and went in and looked when it didn't post and saw that it was scheduled. I think blogger's clock was broken or something. Anyway - it's posted now.

Debby said...

I think we are twins.....in alot of ways.

Donna said...

I love this, Diana!

I'd do it but I'd look like a copy cat. It was like holding up a mirror on some of these questions - pretty scary! he he he!

Have a grand day!

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Kind of nice to find out some random small things about each other..
I too love fresh linens... LOVE to hang them outside & put them back on the bed
BUT really curious about the no sugar/white flour.. how is that going?? Why??
It is something I should do, but then I would starve, as that is my whole diet.. : )

Kathy said...

Well I could have guessed some of the answers to this! Terrific to get to know more about you - we have so much in common!
Hope your day is full of joy!

Unknown said...

you sound a lot like me...I hate anything related to dishes, dishwashers or putting dishes away ...Hmmmmmmmm
- KAT-

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh my ... separated at birth. I always wear something black, and I LOATHE putting the clean dishes away out of the DW. Don't mind rinsing and filling, but then I just look at them when they are done and say, "OK, wiseguys, you managed to CLEAN yourselves, now GO HOME!" Sadly, they don't.

I'm a 6 or fewer hours a night sleeper, too -- this is fun!
BTW I always wear something black because then I COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR.

The enchanted home said...

This is so neat, getting to learn more about you..so you too are a night owl and early riser? Love to drive? Me too! And cheers to an organized house, beautiful roses and yummy fresh linens on a bed...my fave!!I wish I could do this but barely have time to make my rounds in blogland, thankfully did some posts ahead of time before the big move begins!

michelle said...

It is always to nice to get to know more of you and we are alot alike. :) I hate to unload that dishwasher, always have, always will and I love clean linens on the bed! You always make me smile and for that I thank you. :)

Sweet Tea said...

Fresh sheets every day - that would be nice.
I feel that way about pj's. I like to wear a fresh pair every night - I don't, but I'd like to!

Daniella said...

I love all of your answers! The only one I didn't expect was the 10 grandchildren!!! You look far too young my friend!!

Debra from Bungalow said...

It's always fun to learn about other bloggers! I hate emptying the dishwasher too. I make my husband do it...lol

Anonymous said...

This is such a great way to get to know each other! You are clearly a sweetie my friend. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us.



Donna said...

It's always fun to learn new tid bits about you, Diana! wow, sure wish that I could survive on so little sleep! I need a good nine hours! And I thought I was the only one who didn't like unloading the dishwasher! I would have a hard time without sugar or white flour, are you trying to kill us here:)!!!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh, I love this, Diana, and I thought that was really neat how you love fall--I guess I look forward to summer the most! But then, it's probably because I'm from Calif. and practically lived at the beach from June to August~I adore that pink rose too!! Love, Cindy

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Sisters from another mother I'm telling ya. Except that sleep thing. I have to have my sleep. I'll come back and do the list later. Got to go to bed now. Nighty night.

Tete said...

No sugar or white flour? Are you nuts? All the best stuff is made out of that! LOL
I'm with you on the dish washer. I hate unloading it. And filling ice cube trays was another one of mine. Thank goodness for the ice maker!
Wow- didn't know some of these things about you...filing for later....bwahahahaha!