Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Does My Daughter-In-Love Know Me...Or What?

I have been blessed
with a wonderful
She is married to
our youngest son,

She has a tough job,
and has to act like a
tough girl a lot of the time.
because she is

Guess what?
She is really not that tough.
I was thrilled when she
gave me a special
Do you want to see it?

Well...hold on just a
minute because I have to
tell you that
even SHE didn't know
how special it was.

Several years ago,
we inherited
Gramma Hazel's
Ruby thumbprint
8 water glasses
 And 8 sherbert glasses.
When our dil went
looking for special
sparkly glasses
to make into candles
she went to an auction.
The only thing she bid on
was this.
Now is that cool, or what?
She made it into a candle
not realizing it matched
glasses I owned.
And it was
accompanied by several
 sparkly glass friends.
I lit these
but couldn't quite bring
myself to light the
ruby one.
Aren't they sweet?
Gotta love a gal like that!
She has a sense of humor, too.
Look what she dropped off
for my friend...
that lives on a farm.
Can you guess what kind
of farm it is?
Pooor, pooor dear.
Let me just tell you...
she married an CPA
for a large oil company.
Once he had snagged her
he told her his dream
was to own a farm..
A pig farm.

And, because I am the
sweet friend that I am,
I never let her forget it.
I send her a box of
every year for Christmas.

Now I ruined it!
She will read this and see
the first purchase for
this year.
Only 11 more pigs to find!
The hunt is on~
Clear your shelf, Sandy!
your photo name


Jettie said...

What a lovely gift, I must say your
daughter-in-love is a special lady.

Ha on the pigs...my daughter liked pigs and when everyone found out, she got pigs for every occasion. She no longer collects pigs, had too many.

Japolina said...

That's a cute story about the lady that married the pig farmer

Debbiedoos said...

Well let's face it, she needs a sense of humor with your family LOL. How pretty and thoughtful. I love this idea.

The enchanted home said...

Shes a keeper....what a gem! But then again shes got YOU as her mother in law, so its a win-win!

Debi WeeFaerie said...

That candle is such a thoughtful present. I would say she knows you pretty well! The pig is adorable too! Your friend is very lucky to have someone like you who will put so much thought into her Christmas present.

Blondie's Journal said...

This is so sweet! This was not your run of the mill gift! I love when people think outside of the box and gift you with something you will cherish forever!


PS...the little piggy is darling!

Tete said...

I can't believe this...of course you know I have this pattern...King's Crown.
And here is a Grandma Hazel and I live on Hazel Street.
Can you feel the shivers yet?
Your DIL is so good to you. You better be nice to her.
I am not sure your pig farmer friend is going to remember this post by Christmas, so it will still be a nice surprise for her at the end of the year.

Susie said...

What a sweet DIL. I love the glasses. So nice to own something of your grandparents. Smiles,Susie

Gina said...

Your DIL is sweet! I've seen those glasses around while antiquing & they are so pretty.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

What a sweet gift and love the piggy that is going to your friend.

Lynne said...

Sweet D,
You DIL is a sweetie. I'm guessing that you are a pretty cool MIL. I love the hand poured candles in the cut and etched goblets! I have purchased two from D.Reyne.
My maternal Grandmother was
"Grandma Hazel". I miss her! Your post brought our Grandmas to coffee this morn' Thank you, love!

Anonymous said...

what a perfect ornament and where did you ever find it,, its so cute, love the stem ware wow, such colors, those are memorie keepers for sure,

Laura said...

Love it diana!! love the colours and the vintage look of it!! so cute, you are a sweet friend! i am sure she will be thrilled! Hope all your bloggy problems are sorted out now. I think mine are; just the biggie; not enough time! dont think there are any tutorials for that problem!!!
Lots of love and hugs gorgeous lady..
Laura xxx

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

The candles are just beautiful! That's a project that's been on my to-do list for a while now, but it just never seems to make it to the top of the list! ... Happy pig hunting - ha!

Debbie said...

Awwwww...what a sweetie your DIL is, Diana. She sure must be special...she married your son, knowing what kind of family he comes from...just sayin'
Not saying you guys are crazy or anything....LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Seriously, that was very nice of her.

Patty Patterson said...

Those are beautiful glasses!

I just inheirited a few pieces of depression glass. They're family treasures, worth maybe $100 at the most. But - now I desperately need an $800 curio to keep them in. Isn't that how life goes. *LOL*

Daniella said...

What a sweet DIL! And so ingenious too!!

At The Picket Fence said...

What a sweet and thoughtful gift and how amazing that it matched your set! Meant to be for sure! :-)
P.S. I'm thinking we would need to have a guest house waaaayyyy far away for me to live in if my hubby decided to become a pig farmer. LOL!

GypsyFox said...

what a nice coincidence!! it's nice to see I'm not the only fantastic daughter in law hehehe ;-) lovely blog..I am a new follower!

Marti said...

You have a keeper for a DIL. Cute pig ornaments, but right now I'm glad I am a city girl.

camp and cottage living said...

Your DIL must think you're a pretty good MIL to gift you.
So neat it matches your heirloom set.
Oh, I love your dancing piggy. She's sure to bring a smile to your friend every time she looks at her!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I finally can leave you a comment:) I did the pop up too but by accident.LOL
I love the piggy ornament, so stinken cute, I know she will love it too! Great DIL you have there Diana!


Blessed Serendipity said...

I love the candle she made for you and how wonderful that it matches your glassware. Hope you have a happy and blessed day Diana.


Red Rose Alley said...

That was such a special present from your daughter-in-law, and wasn't it great that she got you something like the ones you already treasure? I think this candle is a reminder of her love for you. This collection is so pretty. I've seen this design before when I've been to antique stores.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Ruth Kelly said...

Love the ruby thumbprint glasses. I had some little pig earrings last year but I already sold them.

Unknown said...

Hi, Thank you for your kind comment about my heart ornament wreath. :) I'm giving one away to a lucky follower. Come on over to mommyiscoocoo if you want to enter


PS love your blog name!

Nellie said...

I love this post, Diana! What a wonderful DIL you have! Laughing at the pigs!:-)

Donna said...

What a creative dil you have, Diana! The candles are gorgeous, and that pig is just too funny! I pitty that poor pig farmer's wife (try saying that three times fast!).
Oh, the joys of piggy "scents"!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

What a great gift!
And have fun looking for your little piggy gifts...I'll keep my eyes open too!

KimMalk said...

It's so nice that you and your DIL have the same taste...well, you both like your son ;). I'd die if my husband wanted a pig farm!

Anonymous said...

Oh how nice to have a great relationship with your d-i-l. Good luck on your treasure hunt.



Heaven's Walk said...

You have the nicest family, Diana! :) (Or are they just trying to stay on your good side.....? hehehe!) You truly are a blessed momma! :)

xoxo laurie

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

What a wonderful dil & such beautiful treasures... I also think that little piggy is so Sweet ~ Such a small world that you have been in the towns where My Mom was born, My Grandmother was 3 when her family came from Norway in 1903 to the UP. My Mom was born in 1926, I think they moved down to the Detroit area in the 40's where she met My Dad & the rest is History, the "Goode" family was created... Now I think of them daily since both Mom & Dad are watching down from Heaven~ anyway, Great Memories....
Have a wonderful week

Anonymous said...

I think you have to have a sense of humor in your family! Does that sound right? Hummm! How precious is she? You're blessed! I guess your son, aka, MammasBoy, sought a precious gal like his mom!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

A lovely gift...and I guess it was meant to be!

Julie Harward said...

What a sweet secret agent gal, and it is so pretty too! I love the way you tell a story. (I have a deal with my daughters, I can post pics of their kids if I have my blog set so no one can copy, sorry!) ;D

bj said...

That is a really sweet gift. I love the ruby red.
Love the little piggy for your friend, too. :))

Hoangfkxj said...

What a sweet DIL! And so ingenious too!! xxDaniella