Friday, January 13, 2012

Shake It Up, Baby-Twist And Shout Ouch-Sweet Cheeks Video

I picked the
Dancing Queen up at school
and brought her to my house.
I picked her up early
 because there is a snow storm
underway here.

She came in looking like this.
Daddy picked her coat out
her hat.
Pretty cute, huh?

Well, lest you wonder
how I spent
I am being instructed
on how to
Shake My Booty.
Don't try these moves
at home
unless you are
UNDER 60..
cuz you just never know
if you can get back up
once you
Got it?
we will show you how to do
The Bump.
Anyone remember
the 1970's?

MyHero can squeeze into
his baby blue leisure suit
I'll see if he will give us a
recap of that dance.....
maybe not~

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Anonymous said...

Oh No.... My bootie just doesn't shake that way anymore without a dislocation!! LOL!!
Have a Great Day!

Debbiedoos said...

I never could shake it up like that, even at her age. You should see me at ZUMBA...this girl has NO rhythm!

Unknown said...

Oh Yes! Me and Mr G did the bump in the 70's it was so fun ! I love to shake it up still. at our 35th High School (BCH in Beloit WI) class reunion Mr G and I did the ole swing dance thing where he twirls me around. it ended with a stylish dip and lots of laughing.


Anonymous said...

LOVE this,she is a super cutie!
I grew up in the 1970s with chopper bikes and a charlies angels catsuit lol,enjoy your bump ;)

Debby said...

I just love her.
Yes, I remember the bump. So funny as Polly of Motley Junk was posting about her vintage space at an antique mall. I told her she eeded a leisure suit (just a couple days ago) She asked me what that was. Hah.
Just last Sat. our Goose was teaching us a song and dance and whoa it was a little wild. I think the sssssong was by Meisha or something like that. Sweet Cheeks is dressing like my other granddaughter......oh and the other two have hat like that. Oh I really want a hat like that.

Pam Kessler said...

Oh yeah, I remember the 70's. Looking forward to the leisure suit.

Lynne said...

A few days after New Years, I was reading on one of my fave French blogs. She was telling about a 90 plus year old gentleman that she ran into. He was stating that he was feeling tired.
He had been dancing in the New Year until 4am!
We may not be a limber as "SC", but we can do it! I'll be back tomorrow, with my polyester!
Burn Baby Burn!

Anonymous said...

She has the moves! If I were to shake it like SweetCheeks I'd be flat on my back for a week! Doesn't she look gorgeous in her hat and coat in the first pic.
The bump reminds me of school 'dinner dances' these actually took place at lunchtime in the sports hall, and we did everything from the bump to the Gay Gordons....yes, really!

Marti said...

Next winner on Dancing with the Stars, for sure. I wish I had that much energy.

Tete said...

I want whatever she had for lunch. Makes me sore just watching all that booty action.
LOL- gotta love a girl who's daddy won't let her dance with boys.
Oh, please don't tell me MyHero still has a blue leisure suit hanging around!
Thanks for the laugh today! My sides hurt.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

If he puts that on, I want to see a picture!

Diana Ferguson said...

Cute!!!! Stay warm....

Donna said...

Oh Diana,

That girl is a bundle of joy! Who let the dogs out - who, who, who, who! Shake that booty baby! And, I think it's don't shake it like that after 50 - cause I'm not quite there yet, and I wouldn't dare!

If you find that 70's leisure suit in light blue for your Hero - put it on Craig's list and sell it! Please don't torture him!

Do I remember the 70's or DO I want to remember the 70's - no & NO! And, the bump, I'm afraid the tender points are right on the spot, so not going to do that one, but I'll watch you show Miss Cheeks how! he he he!

You gotta love a girl who's not afraid of showing her style!

Have a great day and stay warm!

Gina said...

You've got to love a child that can shake it like that!

Gypsea Nurse said...

Ahhh.. you make me smile!
So glad I came out of my shell and am back in blog world...
Have missed you all...
Gypsea nurse

Nellie said...

Love, love, love the video!:-) So wonderful to see the energy of children!

Rebekah said...

I sure do miss that girl! Sweet Cheeks - you made my day! :D