Friday, January 27, 2012

Star Of The Week-SweetCheeks Video

(aka Edith Ann)
 is blessed
to go to a school that
has a pre-school
that uplifts and honors
the kids that attend.

The classes are not huge
so EACH child in
her class gets a chance
to be
one week during the
school year.

Last week it was
SweetCheeks turn to
take center stage.

Here she is reporting
Ummm...I think she got a little
confused about the

Not all schools do this..
so I think it is important that
every child thinks they are
in someone's eyes.
How about you?
Have your made your child,
or grandchild,
feel like they were
Star Of The Week?
It'll make God smile.
your photo name


Tete said...

I think your grandkids are stars all the time at your house and that you always make them feel special.
It is nice that sc got a chance to star in her week at school and was able to tell them all about herself and her goldfish and her family. Gee, wonder what she told them about you? Hmmm... maybe you should lay low for awhile.

Laura said...

Hi there diana... thinking that my kids certainly seem to demand/expect star treatment.. all the time! come to think of it, so does my husband! Loved your mini skirt and hot pants pic! and i bet you looked like a movie star in your gold dress! I do have a valentines day story - you will have to wait for tht tho!!
love always laura xxxx

Gina said...

"Are you serious?" That cracked me up! Congrats to Sweet Cheeks.

Some of my kids' teachers had the Star of the Week. I remember them loving it when they were chosen.

Patty Patterson said...

Next year maybe she can take you for show and tell! Wouldn't that be something?

Patty Patterson said...

Next year maybe she can take you for show and tell! Wouldn't that be something?

Jettie said...

The schools here choose children to be escorts for the new kids that come in during the year. Their pictures come out in the local paper, and they feel so honored to be chosen. Though all children don't get a chance, you have to be a good example, most do.

Anonymous said...

so cute, she's really growing up!

Susie said...

Diana, I feel that once in a while all kids need to feel special. we just have to remember to find something sweet or tender to say to them ..when they are being grumpy or mean.:):)Tete was right, you always makes your the stars.:):)smiles, Susie

Unknown said...

LOL that is great
"Are you Serious !" she is too funny. Love the star shirt too!

My sons had this same thing "Class Star of the week" thing It is a special time for each kid Great idea to help the kids learn how to grow in the communication and social skills too. I think Being a great communicator is so much more important than math or science or history...maybe that is because I suck at math...LOL


wendy said...

Those are good programs to have in schools. Helps build self-esteem.
My kids (when they were in elementary school) always had a chance to be "special person of the day", is what they called it. We'd make a poster of some of their pictures on it and favorite things, etc.

everyone likes to feel special don't we.

camp and cottage living said...

My g'daughters name is 'Star'. so I hope she feels like one!
She knows how special she is to us all.
But I agree, it is imporatne to highlite all of the children in the classroom. You never know what kind of homelife they have.
Edith Ann won't ever have to worry about that. Not with your loving attention, Nanna!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Are you serious???
You didn't know that about Jack?
She's so cute. )
My kids had the star of the week...I still have their photos of them standing by their poster!

Nancy's Notes said...

She is a real star, no doubt about it! Yes, our grands know they are stars, big time!

Hugs Diana!


Daniella said...

She just wanted to feed the class enough for her whole week!!
My boys went to Christian school from pre school to grade 5 and because the classes were so small everyone got to be student of the week several times too!! I do believe it is that important!
She is a crack up every time I see her!!

Romeo said...

That really is a great idea!!! And that Sweet Cheeks....what a cutie! Even if she may not have told everyone about having the greatest Nana ever ;)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Try and stay warm. I'd offer you my coat but well I would look pretty fun bald. Ew. Not a pretty site. Maybe I should offer you one of "hers" since we obviously don't need it right now - 62 today!


Romeo and "her"

Blessed Serendipity said...

God is smiling and so is everyone who watched your sweet cheeks recalling the day she was the star of the week. Cute cute cute!


Gabriele Agustini said...

Wonderful post, my friend!! As always. :)
And I can almost smell the banana bread from your previous post!! Yum!
Sending hugs, my friend ~

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

This is so cute!
I always try to compliment my kids every day and make them feel special! I think it's rubbed off on them because they do the same in return!

Debby said...

We all knew that girl was a star. Someday she will have her own talk show.