Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Caught In The Middle~

If you have more than
TWO children
you have one.
One what you ask?
A middle child.
Our middle child is
Born after Lulu
and before
this beautiful little
being was a gift to all of us.
It is not easy being a middle
The middle child sometimes
gets lost in the
daily shuffle.
She isn't old enough
to read to her
friends yet
like her big sister,and she is constantly being
upstaged by the
baby of the group..
But she has a special
spot in my heart...
because she is such
a sweet little girl.
She never asks for anything,
she is not loudly demanding,
nor does she cry
for attention.
She usually
waits to be noticed
and is happy
just to be recognized.
She is always coloring
or making something..
and sometimes..
when I am very lucky
I am the recipient of
something she made.
Like her sisters
she likes
Starbucks Steamers..
(I know..I know..
it is a sickness to be
teaching these kids to
drink Starbucks...
But, hey..
just think of the good
I am doing...
Keeping all those
barristas in jobs)
Guess I had better clarify!
The girls DON'T drink coffee~
They drink
Vanilla Steamers...
Warm milk flavored with
Vanilla syrup..
Got it??
Our Ria
loves clothes..
more than any 6 year old
I have ever known.
She has since she was 3...
Ask her where she wants to
she wants to go
Shopping for clothes!
I think she is an old
hippie at heart..
She likes long flowing
skirts and colorful tank tops..
and her hair braided..
and layers of clothes..
and knee-high boots.
Yep...that's our girl.
A modern day girl
with her style
set to the 1960's.
Oh..and did I mention
she likes
face-painting?Sometimes she's a
little bit feisty..
But mostly she is
just a very
loving little girl..
that loves her Mom~
and her Daddy..
and her Nana & her Papa
and her sisters.But you know who
loves HER more than
anything in the world?
It is our little
Her daily sun
rises and sets
in Ria's eyes..
for Ria is,
after all is said and done,
Best Audience.
And that's the truth~
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  1. That is so sweet. Nothing like sisterly love. Don't feel bad I have my kids hooked on coffee at Caribou and starbucks:)

  2. What a wonderful post about Ria. Love her smile and she has great tastes in clothing! What a creative heart she has and I'm sure she will never be in the shadow of anyone.
    Hugs- Tete

  3. Awww, what a sweetheart Ria is! You are so lucky to have such wonderful grand daughters:) I know that you all have an awesome time together! And are those little girls drinking coffee????? Oh, my, you have created little caffeine addicts, haven't you?!

  4. Ria and I have something in common..we are both a middle sister..of course we are all very close just like Ria, Lulu and SweetCheeks..It can also be the best place to be--in the middle..just like the three bears..not too hot and not too cold..just right!..LOL!
    ~Shirley & Cupid..

  5. They are all very cute! What a special time they must have with you. They will remember these moments forever.


  6. She is so sweet. And very pretty too!! I bet she will be a fashion plate one day!!

  7. Oh, my heart! There is truly nothing like that sister relationship. I think it is just wonderful that Sweet Cheeks looks up to Ria like that and it makes me remember how I was with my older sister...actually, how I still am! :-)

  8. Ria is adorable...and it's so sweet to see that Sweet Cheeks adores her...you can see it in her face...I just love little girls...they are the best....Sorry for all you ladies who have grandsons...but the girls are really the best!!

  9. Diana, beautiful post about a beautiful girl, from her beautiful Nana! Don't forget to share it with Ria someday! Big hugs, Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  10. Ria is beautiful!

    I'm the second child of four. Technically 'the middle child' (at least the middle girl/one older and one younger). I hated it as a child but today I love it!

    You bless me girlfriend. I love you muse. I love the smiles you give me...I love your heart...and I'm still loving you.


  11. She's beautiful! And I didn't know about the Starbuck's steamers. Funny, since my son worked at Starbucks when he was going through college. We just didn't have any little ones at the time. I'll have to try the vanilla steamer with Gracie some day!

  12. The Steamer sounds good right about now. Probably better for me if it was chocolate milk though. Ria is a cutie. All your grands are adorable.

  13. Oh what pretty girls. My aunt lives in Green Bay and has season tickets to guess what, the Packer games. I live in California now, and it is nice to meet you here.

  14. Hi Diana Sweetie...
    Oh what a beautiful share this evening. Yep I am one of those middle children. That's me, and when you described Ria, you described me to a "T". I love it. You write so elegantly.

    Love the photo of Ria with her little face painting on her cheek. She must have an old soul. That is what my precious Grandmother always said about me, and now that I have grown in years, I couldn't agree with her more. Some day when I get through those pearly gates I will have to let her know how right she truly was.

    Stay warm sweetie, and have a glorious Thursday. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  15. Are you sure that Ria isn't a long lost love child of mine or something??? Ok. Forget I said that. But seriously, she's like a mini-me! From the long skirts to the boots to braided hair....that was definitely me in junior high school! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  16. Ria is a beautiful little girl. I imagine she is as sweet as she is beautiful. There is something about her that seems wise beyond her years. I adore her sweet smile. I bet she gets lots of special hugs from her Nana!


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