Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Packer' Up - Let's Go!

Blurry First Photo Alert
I'll bet you thought I was
talking about moving,
didn't you?
Cuz most of you know
that we have moved
about a gazillion times...
and stay tuned cuz
that might happen again..
But THIS Packer is
my little blue-eyed

I don't post as often about
although I love him just as much.
He lives further away..
about 100 miles..
so I don't see him
3 or 4 times a week
like I do the little girls.
capturing a shot of him
when he is NOT moving
is like trying to
catch the wind in
a sandwich bag..,
Hard to do.
Here he is after
Super Bowl Sunday..
All packed up and ready to go.
See..I told he moved a lot...
resulting in a blurry picture.His cousin, Lulu,
lifts him up
for a good-bye kiss.
Do you think the


NO it doesn't..

It means..

Let's see if we can stick a

fnger up Lulu's nose!

Which causes her to giggle.

It is a long ride home

for our

Littlest Packer Fan..

And when he gets home

and gets his

winter suit off..

he lays his head on

his Mama's sofa

and looks like


Is that the sweetest face ever-

or what?

your photo name


  1. I want one. I'll take one of those. He is so sweet when he stands still...Love the finger up Ria's nose.
    Have a fun day..

  2. He is so adorable Diana!
    He has a pretty face!
    Where might you be moving to?

  3. He sure does Diana...what a cute snow suit!

  4. That certainly is one sweet face! And the girls are going to love that blonde hair!

  5. Oh Diana he is adorable! That last picture is precious beyond words. Little Boys sure are hard to get to sit still aren't they?

    Heather @At the picket fence

  6. Awwww, sounds like an angel in Packer's clothing!! And keep us posted about your move. I want your playhouse!!!!! Maybe I can move into that:)?

  7. He is adorable. Such a sweet angelic face in that last photo. :)

  8. He's a little doll! I love his beautiful curls!

    And to prevent the motion blur set your camera on sport mode. That will give you a faster shutter. You may get a dark picture, but that can be adjusted - and the blur can't be removed.

    Of course, if you understand manual settings, that's the way to go, but sports mode can also be kid mode when you're talking point and shoot.

  9. Ohhh Diana he is so cute!!! Love his sweet face!!!
    I will get to see my grandsons tonight since they weren't able to come over on Sunday after I baked them cupcakes :(
    Moving..... yep I know how that feels I will be moving again in March yuck!!! Hopefully I won't find any more broken things
    Enjoy your day...
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  10. He has an angelic face Di. You must love when you get to spend time with himm and he would love being the only boy among all those girls - for awhile at least.

    Lisa x

  11. No question... that IS the sweetest little face!

    an aside: My Heart Will Go On is so special to me. The Titanic was my dad's favorite movie. In his last years he suffered from some senility and a little dementia and often repeated stories. Bless her heart, my mom watched this movie with him night after night after night! At his funeral, I made a slide show of his life and this song was playing in the background. So fitting. (I also played the song, When I get Where I'm Going by Brad Paisley)

  12. Beautiful grandson Diana! He doesn't stand a chance with all those girls around him lol !!
    Pamela xo

    Do you really move that much?

  13. He is the sweetest little thing....sometimes I want to kiss his face off!

  14. Diana!
    What a precious precious little face!
    I know he is a BUNDLE of FUN!
    Your house must be filled with such SWEET memories and FUN with your family being together!
    Every time I pop over I get a good dose of FAMILY LOVE!
    Hugs to you Sweet Friend!

  15. That's a sweet and precious face if I ever saw one!

  16. Oh Diana, what a cutie pie! And his Mama is going to cry when some barber cuts off those blond curls. So adorable! Love the finger action. :-)

    And thank you for your kindness and sympathy on the loss of my father; your sweet comment was very much appreciated.

    Best wishes, Cass

  17. He's the cutest Packer fan ever!!! What a doll, Diana!!!

  18. He is so beautiful. Like a little Ivory Snow baby.

  19. Yes, I do believe that IS the sweetest face ever - not that BabyE's Aunt & Uncle aren't a little partial! :) I love reading about the girls, but posts on BabyE are no doubt my favorite! Thanks for sharing!


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