Monday, January 31, 2011

1/30- We Went To The Beach-In Wisconsin

January 30th~
Lake Michigan~
looks like
google image of Lake MI
And Little Lulu plays in the sand... Oh wait..
What do you mean
this doesn't look like
Wisconsin in the winter?
There's a reason for that..
Land sakes alive..
Don't get all cranky on
me here..
I lied..
I lied!
That was JULY 31st...
Below is the
the raw and
unrelenting truth...
nothing but the truth...
January 31st in
Milwaukee, WI..
Right on the
shores of
Lake MichiganMy son-in-law,
snapped these
pictures from his
cuz he was driving
and my daughter,
and I
were crammed
into the back seat..
Can you move over a
was a common
request yesterday..
A resounding
was the answer..
after we ate
HEREWe needed an extra
foot in the back seat
(rather than the
original inch requested)
cuz the food was
good, folks..

Which brings me to
another question to ponder..
Why is it that
when two couples go
out for a drive..
the men always
sit in front and the
women always
sit in the back...
with the babies..
crammed in like
sardines in a can?


So, for a little
after we had
stuffed our faces..
and then stopped
cuz we don't HAVE
a Dunking'Donuts..
we rode along
Lake Michigan..
down to the
Summerfest area.
My daughter,
Mimi, is
The Beverage Manager
for Summerfest.
We are talking
18 to 19 hour days...
700 employees..
spread out
in 7 tents..
THE FEST is going on.

It is hopping down
at Lake Michigan then..
but now..
it looks like
THIS...And THIS...And baby boys
that go outside
on days like this..
look like
Can my daughter take a picture,
or what?
Can you see his breath?
He can.
Can you see him looking at his breath?
Can you see his eyelashes?
Doesn't that make you want to
weep for all the girls
with sparse eyelashes..
cuz boys never really care
about eyelashes.
he is much happier
in his warm house
showing Nana
how his firetruck works...
and pretty soon..
he will ask
And we will plug in
Baby Einstein
and watch
our own
Baby Einstein
take it all in.
And me?
Well, I am headed home
to crawl into
Cuz I am
beyond tired.
your photo name


⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Brrr.....I will say Lake Michigan looks gorgeous though even in the Winter.

Tete said...

Love your beach pics! Even the snowy ones. I know what you mean about being cramped in the back seat all the time while the men are up front. Who made that rule?
My mom and grandma always rode in the back with me in the middle, too short to see out at all and totally bored listening to their chatter, while my brother, because he was a boy, got to sit up front with dad and grandpa.
I think the photo and baby E and his breath is awesome!

I loved your valentine making below, too! Did you ever get all the glitter cleaned up?
I think all the valentines came out really cute!
Be careful on your way to work in the morning and praying none of us lose power during this stupid storm!
Hugs- Tete

Amy Kinser said...

The pictures are beautiful. I bet you are tired! Sleep well tonight, my friend.

Pamela said...

Man you are so funny!!!!
I don't miss this weather for we speak they are getting walloped with a ton of snow!
This was a great post Diana!!!!
Pamela xo

Donna said...

Ok, I have serious eyelash envy! Serious! I have never seen Lake Michigan in the dead of winter, didn't know that it was so balmy over there!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, but the first one is definitely the most inviting. Would love to see it during Summerfest! About the Cheesecake factory photo - weird question coming up. Is it a new building. It looks newish, but just wondering with the section around the top. By the way, whenever I hear or read "Milwaukee" I instantly think of Doris Day.

Lisa x

Laura said...

It sounds like a lot of fun was going on in that back seat!
How much fun.
I need a grandson fix!

Love to you and yours,

White Spray Paint

Heaven's Walk - said...

Oh, man....what beautiful winter photos, Diana! I haven't been to the lake in the winter for soooo many years, and your pics brought back many fond memories. :) What a fun trip you had - cramming and all... lol!

xoxo laurie

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

OH Diana,
I love Lake Michigan in the summer and I love it in the winter! I love it more in the summer though. hehe.
And that Cheesecake Factory is sooo good, love that place~
And the blue-eyed gorgeous little boy looks like he is getting used to these cold Wisconsin winters of ours!
Stay Warm,

Anonymous said...

Good pictures, but the summer ones are more inviting to me, lol.

Remind me to tell you my beach livin experience one of these days...
Hugs Sis

Crafty Gardener said...

I popped over the the group message board to say hi. Those are lovely winter pictures of the lake. Big storm heading our way for tomorrow. Take care and stay safe.

Karen said...

LOL... I hate that too.. being relegated to the back seat.

LOVE cheesecake factory - and.. you don't have a dunkin donuts? I was not aware that there was ANY city, town or community left without a DD. Our town is tiny and doesn't even have a grocery store, but we've got a DD, by golly.

Debbie said...

Good morning Diana....LOVE the pics, all of them! I love going to the big lake to see all the giant piles of ice along the shore. The lighthouse is usually coated with ice this time of year. We get so much ice from all the west winds.
Baby E is so adorable. How do you keep from sucking his face off?!
Stay warm, my friend.

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

I always wanted to know that answer too! Why do I have to sit in the back???? I am the wife and the most treasured thing in his world so he should want to sit with me and HIS father should want to sit with HIS wife!!! Instead they get away from the wives and control the heat/ac and funny how the radio goes up when they don't want to hear us!!! lol

Shirley said...

Wow, look at that snow. I bet it was cold too! Oh, the baby is so cute..He sure is handsome..Yes, boys who have lashes like his sure are lucky..
Have a great night.

Julie Harward said...

What awesome..cold pictures..I wouldn't want to be there, too cold for me! I love love the eye lashes and that cute kid! PS. I love Cheesecake Factory with a passion! ;D

Love of the Sea said...

Great photos. I still can't get over how the Lake looks like the ocean. I would love to visit one of The Great Lakes someday!!

Pam said...

The lake is beautiful in the winter. I bet no one stuck their toes in the water that day! I have trouble eating at The Cheesecake Factory. I eat so much real food that I have to take my entire cheesecake slice home with me. But it's great for breakfast the next day.

Jason Noel said...

Cheesecake factory and a Sunday drive is always a hit. Nothing like topping it off with a dozen Dunkin donuts. Glad everyone enjoys the pics. They were actually taken from the Samsung Sync, a new Windows smartphone on Americas fastest network, AT&T. While the iPhone take nice photos thus phone nice a little nicer job.

If SHE can figure it out.......... said...

OMG! Your son in law is trying to sell phones on your blog.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Here I am catching up again. I am frozen to the bone just looking at the lake...which looks like the ocean. And even worse than freezing I am green with envy at Ethan's gorgeous lashes. It's not fair!!! What a beautiful child he is!