Monday, February 21, 2011

Friends Iss Friends Forevah...

SweetCheeks Rewound.....
An early post....
We always seem to have our deepest
with SweetCheeks
in the car.
We drive.
She talks.
Sometimes MyHero argues with her.
I never do.
She is smarter than either of us.
Before speaking her mind
She shows us that she can
Lick her toes.
What a talent!
The kid should be in the circus.
Oh~ Wait..I forgot..
Anywhere she is~
There IS a circus.The topic of conversation today is...FRIENDS.

Papa-she says very seriously,
Papa- Yoah is sooo sadd.
Why? He wants to know.
Why am I sad?
Cuz, Papa, yoah doan haf eny frwends!
Sure I do, he responds.
Noah-yoah doan...yoah doan haff eny frwends.
He says..Yes, I do! You're my friend, aren't you?
Noah! I NOT YOAH FRWEND! I'HM Nana's frwend.
Nannee hass lossa frwends.
Her has sum old frwends...
Oooppps...I think she meant..

OLD friends-Like Lucky

Who wasn't Lucky at all but

that's a story for another day.

An' Papa, Ria iss my one twrue frwend!

An'...She is my bestest frwend~
(at the moment-but don't hold your breath-that's just for today)

An' Lulu haf sum frwends that comhes to sleepovahs...

Lulu even has a new shirt that says what all

7 year old girls think!And Mimi & Mama haff sum frwends that

go to parties or sumfin.

(that's me-back row-4th from left)

So Papa explains in deadly detail all about

His friends.

He insists he DOES have friends.

He has two special friends that live in Florida.

So, he tells her in earnest tones..
You see, SweetCheeks...

I do have friends.

There is no answer!

Our Little Miss doesn't care because..

Once again...

She has fallen asleep

leaving Papa to

splutter all to himself

your photo name


  1. Doesn't he know there is no arguing with a gal who can stick her toes in her mouth!? I thought everyone knew that. Cute post!

  2. How to win an argument without even trying...just fall asleep, he can't win.
    I love that shirt, wonder if they have them in our size?

  3. Hi Diana,
    Toes in her mouth... I wanna be that limber again!! Seriously all those girls in their rollers... as cute as can be!
    The big girls look darling too:-))

  4. Oh how darling she is!! My daughter used to put her toes in her mouth too- it was so cute!! :) Your sweeties are just adorable- what a fun post! Hugs, Courtney

  5. Hi Diana,
    To be so limber...
    She is worried about her PaPa...where do these things pop into such a precious child's thoughts from...LuLu is so sweet and how precious are they in their sleepover curlers and I, too wish they had those shirts in adult size...
    There's An Angel On My Front Porch was about Amy's journey with cancer.
    I thought of the title because my husband bought me a beautiful Angel for the front porch when Amy was first diagnosed with cancer at 10 1/2 years old.
    She is still on my front porch.
    Hug your daughter and yourself for me. I am so very sorry you had a granddaughter matter how young or old, it leaves a huge hole in your heart and there is always a part of you that will grieve your child....and your granddaughter and her daughter is waiting for her...we are going to have quite a reunion one day.
    Well thank you for dropping by to see me and following my blog...It tickled my socks off and sent me around the moon barefoot.
    Have A Sugar Sweet Day
    Give a big squishy hug to Sweet Cheeks and LuLu.
    Simply Debbie

  6. I have been waiting foarh evah foarh yoah to post this one. Poor Papa, when will he learn that he wont be able to have the last work even when he thinks he has? Her falling asleep then was just too perfect.

    Lisa x


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