Friday, February 18, 2011

The Meeting- SweetCheeks Does Starbucks

I picked our little
SweetCheeks up from her
other Gramma's house
on my way home from work.
I was supposed to drop her
off at her own house
but we had an hour to kill
before we could do that.
So..Where better to spend
an hour of time than....
You know...You have been
reading my posts, right?
Can you say Starbucks?
They smile and greet
me like a long-lost friend
at Starbucks.
That is because I
am their sole supporter.
I quit going there...
Starbucks closes...
simple as that!
Hey- I don't drink.
I don't do drugs,
I don't party hearty..
I just do
And, sad to say,
they are NOT paying
me to say this.
as we are pulling in
SweetCheeks says..
Letsss get a tabhle so we
can hafve a meeting.
A meeting?
Yesss..we gonna hafve to hafve
a meeting cuz that is whut
you arhe suppossta do, Nana,
when you go to Starhbucks.
An, Nana?
Yes, honey?
Don't forget my Vanilla Steamah.
Here it is..
just for you..
Hey! Thiss isss NOT 100 duhgrees, Nana. is..
Noh...isss too hot to not 100 duhgrees.
(What 4 year old even knows the temperature
of a Starbucks steamer for pity's sake)
I take it over to the counter
and ask for some ice.
SweetCheeks says it is more than 100º
I tell Mike, the bald barrista,
one of my favorites... behind the
counter (is a guy a barrista-if he's a guy?)
Oh, was it supposed to be 100º? he asks.
It's probably about 120º-I make them
a little warmer.
Ah- yes..
You-know-who has heard
the whole conversation.
See, Nana...I tole you it
was NOT 100º an you know why?
No, SweetCheeks, Why?
(I give up easier these days).
Becuz, Nanneee, you
forhghot to tell them to
make it 100º!
So, I did..shoot me..
Never mind.
How about some lemon cake?
Iss that whole piece forh me?
(they usually split it 3 ways
but I am in good humor today)
Yep! All for you.
An' Nana?
Yes, sweetie?
Thass not cake..that iss bread
cuz iss in a loaf..
isss bread wiff icing.I gonna eat the icing off furst.
Thass very good, Nana.
Will you get me a forhk?
Sure..what do you want a fork for?
Cuzz I'm not 'llowed to haff a knife.
Sarcasm is lost on this kid.
Really Nana..cuzz I might cut myself..
or sumbuddy or sumthin'.

Now, I gohnna cut it up
into pieces..
Why are you doing that?
Cuzz if you pick it up and eat
it whole when it getts to
youhr stummick it is all
bahck togethur again and iss
all one big piece.
Yep! An' then you cahn get
sick an haff a headache or sumthin'.
I got it alright!
What about the whole top you
ate off with the icing on it..
you didn't cut that into little pieces.
Thasss whut I ahm talking 'bout..
an' I doan wanna haff the rest
join it into one big piece.
(big sigh after this explanation)

I better cutt these pieces in
haff now too..cuzz they look too bihg.You know whut else, Nana?
They taste bettah this way too.Well, I see your cake is gone.
Iss not CAHKE..Remembah?
oh- I mean I see your bread is gone..
Yesss an' it wuss reahlly good!
This iss a really good meeting,
isn't it?
Yep! It sure is.. Nana..this is the
bestest meeting EVAH! best old meeting ever!Nana- You know whut?
I lofve coming to Stahrbucks!
Me too, SweetCheeks~Me too!

And soon, all too soon,
she will be in school..
and busy with her friends and her
own little life..
just for today..
she was mine.
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Pamela said...

How sweet! This is my kind of meeting!!!
I so remember taking my son when he was 3yr old to Starbucks right after visiting the book store...great memories!

Pamela xo

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Oh that sweet face!! Can that be the same Sweetcheeks that had the pouty face at your super bowl party?? : )
Just adorable...

Debbie~ said...

Diana, I can't go to Starbucks without thinking of you and little sweetcheeks, which makes it even more of a special place! Thanks so much for sharing these special times with us!!! She's adorable! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

Joan J said...

Love it! Being a grandmother is the best thing EVER. Like you, my grandson will be starting school soon and I know my time with him now is precious - and a hoot! There are so many long distance grandma's out there - we're so lucky to live near and make memories with our grandbabies!

Tete said...

Oh my- I love your meeting. Craig and I used to do this at Micky D's for breakfast on the way to grocery shopping. We split a sausage biscuit, hash browns and he got the orange juice while I had a coke for the caffiene.
And he would tell me the most amazing things...well, he kind of still does...LOL
Bread...100 degrees...cutting it up so it doesn't join back together...
Just wait until she starts school and has more information...but she will always have time for are her bestest audience and her favorite fan. Besides, you got her addicted to Satrbucks, so you're good until she starts driving on her own.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait til my sweet cheeks is old enough to do Starbucks with me. Where does she come up with all don't answer. I think I Have a wonderful weekend!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Sweet Cheeks is as charming as can be! Darling post! Lots of fun!

You have a lovely weekend gf!


Anonymous said...

I wish I was a barista at that Starbucks.

Lisa x

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

Okay, now I have to whip out the old recipe for lemon cake because it's my fave!! What a lovely "meeting" there at Starbucks! Have a wonderful weekend!

Jettie said...

Oh those days are all lovely, and gone all too soon. The Princess and I always enjoyed our adventures, even when we had 2 boys tagging along. I miss those days, but get to relive them through your posts.

Patty Patterson said...

Awwww...... so sweet! I'm glad you had a good meeting.

Terri said...

I so enjoy your sweet cheeks posts, Diana. What a precious little one! You are building wonderful memories that she will carry with her always. My twin grandgirls LOVE coffee and always use the "I'm ffff-hirsty" complaint when I catch them sneaking a sip out of my cup. I see a trip to Starbucks for Vanilla Steamers in my future.

Suzann said...

You sure have a gem there, enjoy her while you can!!!
Suzann ~xoxox~

WeeFaerie said...

LOL, you give up easier these days! That is just too cute, love your meeting!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

I can't even tell you the smiles that little girl brings to me...she is something!!~ What lovely times you share together..she will forever treasure them:) XO

Love of the Sea said...

What a little sweetie. And how funny calling your Starbucks visit a meeting. It looks like it was indeed a fun one!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Definitely the bestest meeting evah!!!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Now that was the perfect meeting...deed it was! Your precious little Sweetcheeks is so cute and funny. She sure loves her Nana.
Think of your visits to Starbucks this are helping them put their kids through med school! Got to admit, I love my visits to Starbucks too. But I don't come home with the wonderful stories like you do!