Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Had A Dream

Now let me tell you...
Martin Luther King's Dream
(God Rest His Soul)
Now THAT man
had a REAL dream..
but me?
Well, I have more
convoluted dreams...
and let me tell you..
this one was way
out there..
cuz it involved
and two Internet friends..
and chickens!
I. Said. Chickens.
and one surprise
that I am saving for
the end.
If you are looking to read
a little foolishness
you have come to
the right place.
'Deed you have.
Remember Miss Cleo?
The Psychic?
The all knowing-
all seeing-
Miss Cleo?
She could "read" you
on the telephone.
Now..I'm not saying
that there aren't
some people that have
the gift.
I think I have a bit of it
myself...yes..I do... kinda makes you
wonder that if
Miss Cleo was
so all-knowing
and all-seeing..
WHY didn't
she see the
end to her
empire coming?
Why didn't she
see the
coming to haul her butt
into court?
kinda makes you wonder.
has deep-reaching
It starts with Jayme
over at
Do you know Jayme?
oh..if you don't..
you MUST visit.
She is funny..
Not "crazy funny"
(well maybe a bit but
we won't talk about that here).
No..she is just funny!
Good for a daily laugh-funny.

the dream started in her
farmhouse..she was baking..
and talking about her chickens..
Yes..yes...she has chickens..
Really STRANGE chickens..
sorry-Jayme..just sayin'
And-you know how in a dream
it just jumps from subject
to subject with no
apparent connection?
Well, next I was at
Karen's ThisOldHouse...
and she was talking about
chicken coops
(cuz they are ready to build one
come Spring).
She likes
this one...
and this one...
If you haven't visited her before you
need to so..she has a wonderful
house that is beautifully done..
beams to sigh for...
I don't "know" either of
these women...
outside of BlogLand.
I will probably never meet them..
(unless I go to some CHICKEN SHOW)
Not saying that's not a possibility given
my feather-brained life... my dream..
.just as I am about to
walk out to Karen's yard to
see her chicken coop
my brother-in-law,
pops up on the walk beside me.
Now..I only see him in the
Summer because he and his wife
do traveling missionary work..
they build churches
as part of their charity work.
so..then he says..
Did you know I was going
to build this coop?
Yep! It's gonna have a steeple.
and on Sundays all the chickens
have to go out in the
yard and Jayme is going to
sing and we are gonna
hold services.
Now..let me tell you this..
in the DREAM..
that ALL made perfect
I'm sure Miss Cleo would
figure out what the dream was all about..
Something about
"lofty aspirations"
"birds of a feather"
"you're way too cocky"
something along those lines..
while I was pondering
how that was going to
work (in my dream)
I looked over and
saw this...A giant rabbit with my grandkids..
seriously folks..
What do you think THAT means?
I have bad news for
Jayme and Karen..
I think...
well, I THINK it means
that they should forget the
chickens and
build pens for
rabbits that lay
Easter Eggs..
and that's all I'm gonna say about that.
If you would like me to
interpret any of
please feel free to
send me all your cash
and your firstborn.
I do NOT
accept American Express.
your photo name


Anonymous said...

Oh that's funny, or slightly scary when we start dreaming about our blog friends. What's even weirder, (I haven't even told my family this -they-ll ban me from the computer, is that you were in my dream the other night, only I ddin't say because you might think I'm stranger than you already do,

Lisa x

Tete said...

LOL- you are just too freaky for words and this is most certainly the best post you have ever done. You don't even want to know that I had a dream about you about 3 nights ago- yep- you came to see me...crazy huh? And you were traveling with Sherry from you ever started out together with your husbands, I will never know, but you all ended up here...and right before that Rebecca and I were sleeping in a barn to set up for a mega show and we were going to make thousands, then boom, you were in my family room. I was on the phone to Rebecca to get over here quick to help me entertain you all...thank God I woke up...LOL
There were no chickens involved in mine, but maybe a few feather brains....oh- I need to go to bed now...if I dream about chickens in church, you'll be hearing about it first thing in the morning...
Hugs- Tete

Donna said...

Woah! What kind of a crazy dream that was!!! Was the church service for the chickens? Yes, I bet it was! The chickens need to be saved!! Let's just hope this does not become a reoccurring dream of yours, Diana! do you have those? I do! I dream of losing teeth, and I dream of going potty in public. Yes, that I dream about all of the time!!!

Sue said...

Atleast that was better then my dream last night....Danny Bonoduce was our Century 21 real estate agent....complete with gold sports jacket and all....very scary...we aren't even buying a house!!

Karen said...

If I had a way to raise rabbits that produce easter eggs, you bet I'de give up the chickens. :-)

Debbiedoos said...

LOL!!~ OK whatever your on..gimme some! Hilarious. Dreams make no sense sometimes....I think it boils down to...too many blog reads in one day! XO Cute pic of the girls.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

I am sitting hear laughing like crazy. That was some dream! It seems so many are blogging about chicken coops or chicken wire things lately. Maybe that contributed to your dream. I have been dreaming a lot lately but have to admit none were about chickens or rabbits. Hmmm.
Loved your posts about your little blue eyes and the girls prepping for their dance.
Well, back to that you've put this in my head, I wonder if I'll dream about chickens tonight. Too funny! ♥

Jettie said...

I was just sure I was going to be in that dream as a rabbit or a hen that forgot to lay an egg and was about to be made into chicken and dumplings....especially since I used to be known as 'LilRedHen' long before you showed up in groups and blogland. lol

Michelle said...

Hi Di,
I'm a vivid dreamer. The other night I had a dream that a friend of mine, talked me into stealing a swing from a park and somehow I was pulling it threw the sky to bring it home and it got caught on a traffic light and I called the police to tell them. Then I heard sirens and woke up. Interpret that one Miss Cleo.

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

Hello Diana, I sure had a good laught! And I need it, after working all day in my yard.
Blessings ~*~ Wendy ~*~