Sunday, November 21, 2010

Millions! She Got Millions!

She looks so sweet and innocent.
But looks can be decieving.
No one could believe it
when Sylvia was arrested
for murdering her 5th husband.
The sting operation went off
Buford Buxumbomb
entered her lair and
was caught off guard
by her bewitching beauty.
Left to his own devices
he could have become
Victim #6.
However, his loyal side-kick,
Bubba Bejewsus,
busted the door in
with one swift kick
right after Buford
snapped this photo.

Sylvia was soon known worldwide
The Black Widow
so named for the dreaded
Black Widow Spider.
The men in her life never
suspected how deadly her bite could be.
ps...I finally got a grin out of MyHero..
However, I don't think it was my words that made him smile....Country Living Ad- Royal Velvet @ Bed Bath & Beyond
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  1. OH, my hero would probably be smiling too..and for the same reason, I'm sure. I say... Go For It :-)

  2. All white only seems to stay clean in advertising. Or, maybe it's for households without kids, dogs or guys? Who knows. But, her bedding really does look luxurious.

  3. She killed her husbands because they didn't pick up their dirty he still grinning now? LOLOLOLOL
    MyHero must be one tough nut to crack if he wasn't totally entertained before! It does kinda lose something when you have to explain it...
    Hugs- Tete

  4. You definitely know why he is smiling!! Where do you come up with this stuff???? What I wouldn't do to LOOK like that laying in a bed of white sheets!!! If my hubby doesn't come home soon today from hunting, it might be time for him to expire!!! lol

  5. Buford and Bubba - sounds like two high school jocks. hahaha.

  6. I'm sitting in bed and just glanced at my closet-door mirror...
    I look the direct opposite of the lovely, well-coifed, slim, young lady in your picture.
    I'm officially depressed now.

  7. If I ever need an uplift I just come to your blog!
    Thank you!

  8. If I'm down and blue or just feeling wayyyy tooo hormonal I come and read you bloggie. I'm guaranteed a HUGE SMILE and the dark clouds float fast and far away.

    Love to you~


  9. I'll bet that YourHero was grinning from ear to ear as he took that photo of you, D! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  10. Oh my, why didn't you cut and paste your own face on that one....??
    You coulda, you shoulda, and your hero
    could have smiled even bigger.
    White, I should just dip it in chocolate, and smear lipstick on it, before I even take it out of the bag.

  11. You need to write a book & put all these little snippets in it, it would be a best seller!

  12. Oh my gosh! I think you could write Harlequin Romance novels!

  13. Howdy
    Oh my goodness there are kindred spirit's all around me !
    I hope you don't mind I saw your sweet comment for Sherry at Country Wings In Phoenix and well curiosity explains the rest !
    I just had to visit .
    You rock girlfriend :)
    I love your blog and
    I am so glad I came by to visit .
    Take care now .
    Until next time
    Big Hugs from Texas
    Happy Trails

  14. I'm like Gabriele , I have on sweats and HIS socks. I won't be getting a smile out of him tonight! Fun post! Hope you have a great holiday week!

  15. Some how...i believe every word! You said it, and I know it must be true! And VERY funny too! love ya! ;D

  16. You are too FUNNY!
    Makes me SMILE every time I pop over!
    Happy Thanksgiving Week my sweet FRIEND!


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