Friday, November 12, 2010

The Poltergeist

Remember the movie
The Poltergeist?
When all the chairs
would be stacked in a row..
on top of the table...
and they would look away
and it would happen again?
And then the Mom and
child slid across the floor
seemingly with no
visible means of doing so?
We have a Poltergeist too.
OUR Poltergeist
has a thing for
Yes-you read that right-
No chairs on the table for
our ghostly presence.
The house is full of
gremlins and ghosties..
and every time
the Poltergeist
the pears look like this..
Did you see that?
I never see it happen..
I never notice the
The Deed..
But when I look..
expecting to see this...

I see this...

I noticed that the

even sampled a faux pear..

Hmmm... I should have been

smelling waxy breath
to try and roust

out the culprit

before tooth brush

time...Surely then

I could have fingered the

guilty party.

The first time it happened
I thought it was a fluke..
But then...oh then...
It happened
And finally...
Finally.. I caught


Aha! It is

Princess Poltergeist


Notice how she can turn
a whole room sideways
in the blink of an eye?
Scary stuff, that~
I have never said a word to her
about the pears.
She never mentions them either..
But when she leaves..
They are in a
straight line..
and I never see
it happen.

Just another one of life's
little mysteries~
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Karen said...

Next time she comes to visit.. have them already out in a row. See if they're in the bowl after she leaves. :-)

Tete said...

I like what Karen said! That would mess her up. I'll bet she likes to row up a lot of things...must be learning that at school.
I love the little bite out of the one.
Several years ago I was at my local Dollar General and was going through the clearance section only to find the most wonderful faux apples you have every seen! They were only a dollar to start with- and then for them to be 75% off- well you know how exciting that can be- so I'm tossing them in the cart left and right.
When I got home, giggle, there was one that had a tiny bite out of it!
i was reading a couple of your posts to my DH last night and he thinks you're funny. He loves the girls and almost died laughing at MissG being a meanie- you may have a new follower!
Hugs- Tete

Debbie said...

Hi Diana...great post! Never a dull moment with Sweet Cheeks around. I love your new picture on your profile. Enjoy your weekend dearie.

Gabriele Agustini said...

Too, too funny!!!!
The little nibble in the pear is adorable!!
As is your little SweetCheeks!!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Too funny and like Gabriele that little nibble. :)

Craftberry Bush said...

:o) I think I might have three of those at home too....and they like leaving chocolate wrappers under the one has ever done it must be one of those poltergeist thingies.. ! :o)
have a great week-end !
much love,

Pam said...

That's hilarious. I wonder if she thinks a poltergeist puts them back in the bowl. She keeps taking them out and then miraculously the next time she's there they are in the bowl. Have a good weekend!

AnonyaMouse said...

That little girl is gonna put them in the bowl, if you line them up.

You know all about our poltergeist, Pound Puppy, who talkes to me, when no one is here.
And makes things disappear and reappear in new locations. I've even gotten a ghostly picture of him..

laura said...

oh, that sweetcheeks is just too cute! Love your little stories about the grandchildren, always. I would love my mum to be so involved in my kids lives!
Have a fabulous weekend!!
hugs, Laura xxx

Janean said...

phew! glad you solved the scary mystery! LOL!!!!!! ...and such a lovely princess. :)

Sue said...

She is too old is she? She looks a bit older then our Miss B who was three in May.
Aren't they just a hoot at this age. Loved the first comment about putting them in a row before she comes next to see what she back!
Miss B actually has her very own real daughter lives in a stone farmhouse from 1760 in the middle of where the war was fought. They have Anna the ghost. I had a fit the first time I heard the SIL telling "B" that Anna was stirring about while we were on Martha's Vineyard...but "B" seems to be okay with it...she said she's a friendly ghost....Okay. We actually have her on film.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Diana Sweetie...
What a beautiful and fun share this evening. Isn't she just the most beautiful little culprit ever? I love the little face. She is priceless.

Yep, I think I would move the bowl around and see if she notices it. See if they come back to the table in a row. Put the whole bowl in another place. I think it will throw her off totally.

You are so darn cute. I love this little write. Thank you for making me smile tonight. I love coming to see what you are up to.

Sending you many hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Diana,
What a cutie!
I think that is one of the funnest ages. They still think grownups are so smart and they are so full of energy and life!
Did you know I have met Sherry?
My son lives in Phoenix and so I have gotten to meet several of the ladies out there!
So fun!

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Diana-
I think Sweet Cheeks is going to be into design - her eye is telling her they should be lined up. She is developing her principles of design - so smart of her to experiment on the pears.