Monday, November 22, 2010


I did a post about this
early on--when I first started posting..
but..because I am going to
talk about a special
Christmas tradition tomorrow..
I wanted to acquaint some of my
new readers with this first.
You have never seen a show
quite like a show
performed by
the one
the only
This happened about 9 months ago..
and is as funny today
as it was then.
SweetCheeks is a performer of
extra-ordinary talent. It's a lot like
pay-per-view except she is
a lot more expensive.
Her best performances are usually
preceded by the words..
"Hey, guys..wanna see sumthin'?
(as if we had a choice)
She got the stunning new outfit you
see above for Christmas last year.
It seems to fit her personality
which runs from flamboyant
to downright outrageous.
And, although she likes to pretend
she is a princess..
she is much better as her
own character.
Take a seat, ladies and gentlemen,
the show is about to begin.
This entails lining up on the couch
in our assigned seats.
We always have to leave a space
(or two) for those "friends"
that we can't see.
(We know they are there because
SweetCheeks tells them where
to sit and they get the primo seats).
After we have plunked ourselves down,
the ticket collector takes our stubs.
She looks suspiciously like the actor,
and director, and performer
of the show
we are about to see.
If it is an especially exciting show
we must also fasten our seat belts.
Don't ask because I don't know..
but I think "we" sometimes
have SHOWS and
a bit mixed up.
Makes no difference.
Here comes the announcement...
Now I gonna dance and sing
(that would be opera for those
in the know)
Oh Boy! I can't wait.
I am already laughing while
MyHero has that
the one that means
Buck up Buddy! This will
be over before you know it.
By the time the first few lines
of Jowly Old St. Nickkolus float out
I am suffused with laughter.
At this point
the show
NOW- Stay in yoah seats..
we are gonna haffta starht all
ovearh again!
This statement is accompanied by
a dramatic sigh and
an arm swiped across the brow.
The seat belts must be
refastened and tickets collected
once again.
The show resumes.
I look over at MyHero who
whispers out of the side of his mouth,
without moving his lips..
I can't wait for the intermission.
And, once again,
the strains of
fills the room.
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Tete said...

She needs her own sitcom...I would watch.
Hugs- Tete

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love it love it!

Laura said...

I love any kind of family show time.
How much fun-

Have a blessed Thanksgiving,

White Spray Paint

Suzann said...

How wonderful you have your own actress/comedian/singer/entertainer in your family!!!

Michelle said...

How fun it will be when she is older and looks back on this and can see just what an adorable kid she was! Too cute! Happy Thanksgiving to your family...

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

What a little ham she is! She's absolutely adorable. Makes me miss my little girls (because they're all big girls now.)

A Cottage Muse said...

Bravo!! Love it!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Girl, do you live nearby 'cause I sure wish we could meet! This is too funny and so so cute. Unfortunately I live far away from my grand-girls and don't get to see all their shenanigans but I have a wonderful son who dutifully sends his Mom (me) recordings of their wonderful dance routines, etc. But when I can't see them I always have the pleasure of returning to your blog over and over again for some hearty laughs. xoxo

Vanessa said...

Hilarious! I also loved seeing that your sweet cheeks says "wadies and gentlemanns" just like my daughter does when she is getting ready to put on a magic show! Having a boy first did not prepare me for the drama that comes with girls. Never a dull moment! :-)

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

That is just hilarious Diana!
I am just chuckling away!
And have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!
It looks like your enertainment is already all lined up!
p.s. I want snow now not rain!!!

Pam said...

Do you tape the show? You should and then you can show it to her fiance in a few (lots of) years.

Shabbyfufu said...

Such a cutie! Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving...and your family as well! xo, Janet

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Diana Sweetie...
Sweetcheeks is just precious, and I love her outfit. Does she look great in blue or what? This fits her to a "T". I think she would make a great new Shirley Temple. So young and loves to perform. Maybe you should put her into acting or at least modeling somewhere. She has the most beautiful little face. Love it.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving sweet friend. So many hugs to you and SO much love, Sherry

P.S. I am SO thankful for our friendship.

LDH said...

Just so dear how she fills your lives with such fun and such joy! Adorable :) said...

Hey Waydee! That is BEYOND ADORABLE!!! Sounds like she may just be a LOT like you! (And me)...Eeekkkk! Im not sure this earth can handle a 3rd one of "US" can! She is a DOLL!