Saturday, November 27, 2010

We're Staying Over~ Right??

The Trio has come
to spend the
We have cleaned out the playhouse
and now it is time to
help Papa
tidy up the lawn.
Hmmmm...Are you sure that
meets all child safety
They're fine- You worry too much..
Unh-huh--It's all fun
and games
til somebody gets their
eye poked out with a stick...
or worse....
falls off the tractor and
gets run over by the wagon.
Just Be Careful!
They soon discover it is too cold to play outside.
They troop into the house
and decide to watch a movie.
And, here it comes..
The question of the day~
We're staying over, right?
The sucker light on my forehead starts
We'll see!
(and y'all know what THAT means-doncha?
Yes! That's a yes..of course it is)
It takes 26 argumentative minutes to pick
a movie.
Because SOMEONE wants to watch
The Whizard of Hoz for the
575th time.
And SOMEONE ELSE wants to
Shirley Temple (can you believe that)
Shirley Temple as Heidi and Lulu
still loves it?
That kid has good taste.
Finally, finally, we decide to watch
for the 5,362 time....We know all the words by heart.
Beautiful Ria must put on her best gown
to watch this movie..
and spinning is part of the
fun.SweetCheeks is looking a little woe-be-gone.
Whatever is the matter, SweetCheeks?Sadly, the words fall from her lips..
My shoes doan't mhatch my dwress!
That's okay, SweetCheeks..
No one will notice.
Yes! Yess! They will!
Ih'll notice, Nana.~
And 'sides that..loook...
Cinduhrulla's face falled off and
now my shoes is whrecked.
Oh My! I'll fix them later.
Yep! I promise!
Blasted stinking shoes that cost as much as
a regular pair and fall apart on a whim!
The movie is playing loud
and clear..
They just HAD to watch a movie.
Here's what the girls are doing..
whilst the movie is playing..
SweetCheeks is reading her
Rainbow Book...Ria has changed into her pjs.
and is eating her hand...and Lulu has changed into her pjs
is engrossed in computerland.The movie is over..
I make them take their baths...
(which they were supposed to do
BEFORE they put their pjs on)
and off they go...
each to their own bed.
This is CuddlyThis is Drooly..
And this is Messy MilkHead...
The morning finds them like magic...
all in one big bed..
in the upstairs guest room...
waking up while Nana
makes her coffee.
(Look how BIG Messy Milkhead looks)
Must be a camera trick The coffee is brewing

and the Three Bears Cereal is cooking

and soon they will come down the steps

with sleepy smiles and good morning kisses.

Do you suppose that someday
they will remember
waking up in a big bed at Nana's house,
smelling coffee brewing...
and oatmeal cooking..
and know how
much they are loved?
I hope so!
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LDH said...

Those special memories are forever engraved on their sweet little hearts, the wonderful times at Nana's house!

A Cottage Muse said...

They surely will Diana and a warm smile will light up their face!!!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

That's so cute Diana!
I love how you write! And where is your snow? hehe. Actually, we don't really have any either.

Tete said...

You know they're going to blog about it! And they all will live happily ever after, dreaming of Nana's house.
Hugs- Tete

AnonyaMouse said...

Oh yes, they will remember waking up at Grandma's house, the smells the sights, and the sounds are forever ingrained in their memories.
I can remember well, the special times I spent with my paternal grandparents, I have no such memories of my maternal grandparents.

Love of the Sea said...

Love this post. So adorable. Its great how they have to get in theme to watch the movie. They are just so cute!!!

Patty Patterson said...

Awwww...... sweet! Aren't girls wonderful!

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite posts...I have big grandma tears in my eyes. You bet they'll remember! I have mine tonight after our day at the amusement park. Joy of joys!!! Have a wonderful weekend, Patty

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I'll be with mine later this week as we hop on a plane for the far away trip. And you bet your sweetness they will remember. They will also remember something totally off the wall that you never ever thought about it. Never fells! :) xoxo

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Oh, they will remember! Even if not every specific moment. The happiness, safety and security you creative will definitely stay with them. And they will know how much they are loved. Lucky little girls!

Laura said...

This post is priceless.
I told my grandsons this past week-
Don't get hurt before your mother gets here!

Have a wonderful weekend-
you have the best spirit and write the best blog comments.


Pam said...

What a sweet post. Those kids are so lucky to have such sweet grandparents!

Donna said...

Aaaw! You are the best grandma ever! Will you be my grandma?:) And yes, the girls will certainly remember all of the wonderful times they share with you!!

Lindy said...

I am absolutely sure these girls will have the very best memories in all the world. What a sweet Nana you are!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

They will be who they are because of all the sweet, memorable experiences with their loving Nana. I loved this post, it's always my favorite when you and your girls have an adventure.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I remember doing that Diana, and I'm sure they will too :-) What a wonderful Nana you are.