Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sassy SweetCheeks

Hey- Girls
I put some new Fall pillows on
the porch swing.
Come on~I'll take your picture
before you go home.
SweetCheeks is the first one to
jump on the swing.
Ready? I ask.
SweetCheeks- don't make funny faces..
Ihe NOT, Nana...Dis is juss the way Ih luuk.
An' see..I luuk this way an Ih'm smiling..Ria and Lulu jump on the swing
and join the conversation.
SweetCheeks you DO NOT look like
that all the time.
You are a sassy girl...
Look-even your shirt says
you're sassy.
An 'sides that Ih chan't effen read.
So thereh!And now I iss mad at yoah two and I
iss nevah speaking to yoah again!
Right, Nana?
Yep! If you say so, SweetCheeks.
What SweetCheeks?
Ria asks in her whispery sweet little voice.
(The child has the voice of an angel)
Can I haff a sip of yoah soda?
I thought you were mad at me, SweetCheeks..
and that you were NEVER going to
talk to me again.
Noh- I wus juss kiddin'
Right, Nana?
Yep-If you say so!
Ria reluctantly gives her a sip.
She takes one taste and....
HEY! Dat's not soda...Dat's
Papa's watahr..I doan
like dat stuff...and now
you gived me sum and yoah
know I haaate it..
Now Ih is rweally mad at yoah!
Ria just giggles...
And off they go,
just one more day spent
at Nana's house!
Where the fun never stops~
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  1. Y'all need your own sitcom. That second photo looks like she has had too much starbucks. LOL
    Oh- you've got your hands full.
    Hugs- Tete

  2. Oh, they look just gorgeous diana! As do you, loving your new glamorous profile pic!! You hot chick!!!
    have a fab day,
    laura xxx

  3. Too cute. Who would have bought a sassy t-shirt for such a sweet child.

  4. I just love reading your interpretation of the way the girls talk!! I can just hear it in my head! They are so cute and sweet!! Love the pillows!

  5. Love your new photo! Oh I wish my grand girls lived close by for conversations like that. But I can live through you and the phone for now. Too too cute!

  6. Too cute...that sweet cheeks is sure a cutie pie...even when she's being sassy. Ria and Lulu are adorable, too!

  7. Oh boy...this sweet cheeks child..isn't she something?! LOL

  8. So cute! I'm excited to be getting two new grand daughters to go with the one I already have. It's going to be soooo fun! Girls are GREAT!

  9. Your cheeks must hurt from smiling every time they leave!!

  10. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Great looking pillows, even greater looking girlies on the pillows!

  11. The Jeanne d Arc Living magazine is not sold in the U.S...so you have to order it from online shops...I order mine from Tracey at French Larkspur. They are expensive, $32/ea, but worth every penny. Good luck! I know you will love it.

  12. Love your stories, love your pillows and LOVE your new profile photo! You are doing so much good for your "grands" by investing in their lives the way you do. You are truly leaving them with a legacy unlike any other!
    Blessings to you,

  13. I agree that SweetCheeks needs her own tv show!
    It would be hilarious. One day you have to post a video so we can make sure we are pronouncing the words right.
    She is a cutie pie!

  14. Very cute little girls. What we grandmothers have to endure. Ha,ha, and we love every minute of it.

  15. Thanks for sharing that darling story! YOur pillows are lovely, but the other treasures on your swing are priceless!

  16. You should write a children's book using SweetCheeks and all your adorable little characters.....I'm serious!

  17. Nice to meet you neighbor!
    I have a brother who lives in Green Bay.
    Cute grandkids and love the pillows!
    Come visit me often and I am adding on as a follower here too!

  18. Those girls are lucky to have a Nana like you.

  19. Sassy and spunky that SweetCheeks. Your granddaughters are darling and so lucky to have you for their Nana. I'm kinda old but could you adopt me? We could consider me "special needs".


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