Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Blue Bowl

All day I did the little things,

The little things that do not show;

I brought the kindling for the fire

I set the candles in a row.

I filled a bowl with marigolds,

The shallow bowl you love the best-

And made the house a pleasant place

Where weariness might take a rest.

The hours sped on, my eager feet

Could not keep pace with my desire.

So much to do, so little time,

Yet, when the coming of the night

Blotted the garden from my sight.

And on the narrow, graveled walks

Between the guarding flower stalks

I heard your step; I was not through

With services I meant for you.

You came into the quiet room

That glowed enchanted with the bloom

Of yellow flame. I saw your face,

Illumined by the firelit space,

Slowly grow still and comforted-

"It's good to be home, " you said.

Blanche Bane Kuder

May each of you have a warm, comforting place to call home

for the Holiday.


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Karen said...


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Diana, have the best one ever.


Blue Creek Home said...

You, too!
Lovely poem.

laura said...

Hi there sweet diana, happy thanksgiving to you my friend. And to your hubby, and t pot and mimi and their husbands, and sweetcheeks and all of your other gorgeous grandchildren.... And I want you to know that I , I am thankful for you.... I know you may not know it, but, as time passes, i think of you more often, during the day with a smile, especially at this time of thanksgiving (which we dont celebrate here in australia)... You always put a smile on my face, and I am ever so grateful to have met you. blessings and love to you,
Laura xxxx

Michelle said...

Hi Diana,
Counting my blessings including you as one of my favorite blog friends. You are a loving, special person and I wish you and your family the best Thanksgiving ever!

Donna said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you and your family have a wonderful day!

Tete said...

Love this poem- wishing you the best day full of good food, plenty of hugs and so much love!
Hugs- Tete

AnonyaMouse said...

May your day be pleasant, and may people you meet today,appreciate you as much as your friends here in blogland do.

I'm very thankful for the day you showed up on our internet doorstep, a few years ago, it was like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.
Love you

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Thanksgiving NanaDiana Sweetie...
What a beautiful share this morning. I so love to come and see what you might have waiting for me.

Your friendship and love, for that I am so thankful this year. It has been a joy and such a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for the love and laughter, the smiles, and for just being YOU.

May you have a beautiful day today with family and friends, and feel the warmth of love that you each possess. God has richly blessed you with such a gift to share, you do it so elequently. Happy Thanksgiving Sweetie. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

Debbie said...

Have a wonderful, fantabulous, best day ever!!~ I am:) XXX000

Craftberry Bush said...

Hey Diana , just wanted to wish you a Happy thanksgiving day !xo

The DIY Show Off said...

Happy Thanksgiving! :)


WeeFaerie said...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am so thankful to have met you here in blog land! Warmest wishes ~Debi