Sunday, November 7, 2010

If You Have A Moment

I have a friend....a very dear friend...
She gives much of herself
and never asks for anything
in return.

She just started a blog..
and was so encouraging to me
when I started mine.
I think, in fact,
that she was my first follower.
She had (along with her cousin)
written her family history..
in true form and
self-published it several
years ago.
She sent me the book.
I looked at the cover,
plain and unglamourous..
and I began to read...
and I read..
and I read..
and I smiled..
and I cried...
It was written from the heart
of one generation looking
back to find their
roots...and making
those roots real..
and alive.
I was amazed and surprised
by the depth of the story.
Anyway.. Now...
She is thinking about
writing the sequel.
She has posted a rough draft
of her new book over
on her new blog.

If you have a moment..
just a moment..
pop in and read her words
and I think you will find
she is a darned good writer.
Her blog is
cuz she is funny like that.

That being said...a little feedback
would be good...very good..
and I would thank you for it..
and so would she.
your photo name


  1. I popped over, and read, and I'm curious as to what happens next in her story!
    thanks for the link.
    and for visiting That Old House.
    Have a lovely week!

  2. Thanks Cass for reading.
    The problem with this story, is I was co writing it with the same cousin who I wrote A Man Called Brown with, and our ideas for this one are totally different, I want it to also be a fact based fictional account of the children's lives, after the death of their father. I'm going to rewrite what has been written, and move this one forward by myself.

    In A Man Called Brown, Joel Weeks (who really is my gggrandfather) has gone on the run, with his wife and 4 daughters, after a killing, which he always said he was attacked and killed in self defense. He ends up in Van Buren County AR, living next door to his sister, going by the name of Brown, his mother's maiden name.

  3. I liked it so far. I like that it's based on true life. I always wanted to write my Grandma's story.

    And Diana - what's with the new photo? I like it! Maybe I should put a photo of me online sometime (when I actually take a good one).

  4. Just came back from reading the story and I really enjoyed it! I hope we have the chance to read the rest!

  5. Chapter 2 with all it's warts has been posted. There are a couple of other chapters I'll post, a little later, but after those, I'll have to do a rewrite, before I want to post those.

  6. I will drop on over and read it. Thanks for sharing....!!!

  7. Heading over there now...any friend of yours is a friend of mine!


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