Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SweetCheeks At Dance Class

Tuesday night is the night for
Dance Class.
Dance Class is for SweetCheeks
two older sisters...
Lulu & Ria.
This Tuesday night
Lulu had school conferences.
My daughter wondered if I could take
Ria to...yep...
Dance Class.
Of course I could.
What's that?
You want me take SweetCheeks too?
Do you remember the last time I took her?
Do you?
Do you remember how bored she was?
She had to sit there and couldn't dance.
She had to sit there in
the dark part of the room and
SweetCheeks is not a good WATCHER.
SweetCheeks is a DOER!
How much is it worth to YOU
if I take HER with ME?
Starbucks for a week?
uh-huh - okay..
Here we are! you PROMISE to be good?
Yup! I'hm a guud ghirl!
I jusss gonna sit herah an be guud!

Hmmm...already I see the quirky little glance..

Which usually spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

Here it comes!

Nana-Dis iss borhhing! Isss it almost ovarh?Nope-Not yet...You'll have to sit a while longer.

Put your feet down, honey.

Nana-it feeels bettah wiff 'em up hearh.

An then I can see bettah too.

Really? Uh-huh!I start chatting up the lady next to me..

another grandmother.

I look over and see have to stay in one place, okay?
Yup! Okaaay, Nana...I jus gonna sthay hearh!

No, SweetCheeks-You can't stay on the
bench..because the dancers will use it.
You need to get down.
Okaaay,Nana...but isss makin me feeel vury sad!

I'm not scolding you, SweetCheeks..

I'm just telling you not to get on the bench.

Buttt, Nana...I still feel sadd cuz I want to get

on thu bennch!

I know honey, but you
can't do that..
Why don't you come over here and give Nana
a kiss?
Hmmmppfff... I jusss gonna kisss my own selfff
in thu mirrorah
an' I iss neffer gonna kisss yoah evah..
cuz I iss madd at yoah now. is some one's little brother.
He has come to watch his sister dance.
He is bored too.
SweetCheeks asks him..
Hey! Do yoah wanna play wiff me?
How old arhe you?
Yoah iss five?
I ahm only thureee.
But yoah can still play wiff me.
I lifvve in a beeyoutifull casssle and
I will showh yoah whare yoah liffve..okay?
Poor little besotted boy..nods in agreement.
Hearah...Yoah liffves underh hearh.
Yoah liffve in thu cave!
An' I liffve in thu casstle!
But yoah can vissit me sumtimes, okay?
He looks at me and says..
What's she talking about?
I said..I have NO idea...
He says...I'm going over by my Gramma.
I told him that was probably a good idea.
After he moves by his gramma I look over.
There is SweetCheeks splayed
out like she is too exhausted to move.
Hey! Wherah did hims go?
He went to sit
by his Gramma.
Boys! They are jus carazy..
Aren't they, Nana?
Yep, SweetCheeks...They sure are.
Hey, Nana?
Yes honey?
I'hm glad I'hm a ghurl~
Me too, SweetCheeks...
Me too!
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Tete said...

Oh, I really think you or Starbucks have warped this poor child. LOL
I really think God knew what he was doing when he gave me boys. I would have no idea on how to deal with all her energy! No wonder you do Starbucks!
Hugs- Tete

Diana said...

Cute!!!! Head back to Starbucks.....

Donna said...

When I grow up, I want to be JUST like Sweetcheeks!!

Pam said...

Oh my, look at that pouty face! That poor little boy had no idea what he was in for.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I just love these stories and can't wait till mine are older to talk to.

Vanessa said...

I think I had never before seen true pouty faces until we had a girl! She was doing them even when she was a baby! That cracked me up about her meeting the little boy because my son has always just gone along for the ride whenever a girl tells him what to do. It starts early! :-)

Debbie said...

Oh how I remember bringing Melissa to watch Kelly and Erin at dance was pure torture for both of us.

Heaven's Walk - said...

Are you sure you didn't stop at Starbucks BEFORE dance class? That poor child has got to be all hyped on some sort of coffee...! lol! I can just hear you and her chatting back and forth, Diana. What a riot! LOL!

xoxo laurie

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

So now I know you can be bribed with Starbucks. Always good to know. That Sweet Cheeks, she teaches me something new every time you post. Like, other people's dance recitals are boring and boys are crazy and they never know what you're talking about. I'd be right under that bench with ya Sweet Cheeks.

Tete said...

It was Lot's wife who was told not to look back and she didn't listen and presto chango- she was salt.
You need a nap, girl- Sweetcheeks tuckered you out good this time!
Hugs- Tete

Lindy said...

Your little SweetCheeks is just adorable! I love the picture of her kissing herself. So, you takin' her next week?

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

O.M.G. It's my daughter when she was her age! ha! (handing you a BIG glass of wine!) ha! They are adorable but can be so....challenging. ha! Sweet Cheeks is a doll and full of personality! Totally enjoyed the post!


Gabriele Agustini said...

That child could not be more adorable if she tried!!!!
What faces she can come up with!!
Does she take after her Nana? ;)
Too cute!!!!

Tootie said...

:) You and Sweet Cheeks always make me smile.