Sunday, November 7, 2010

SweetCheeks & Papa

This is how it started.
SweetCheeks was looking at
her new
Learn Your Numbers book
on the ottoman in front
of the sofa.
Nana was sitting beside her
reading her magazines.
Papa asked her what she was doing.
She said..
I ahm busy, Papa!
I doan wanna play wiff yoah
rhight now!
As you can see she
Uh-Oh- Here it comes..
It is the dreaded
Tickling Machine!
SweetCheeks has been
wrestled to the floor by
Papa!Never fear-once she is up..
it is too bad for him.
He laughs so hard that he
is rendered helpless.
I thold yoah NOT to tickle me, Papa.
Now yoah isss gonna gett itt!How doh yoah like it, Papa?
How doh yoah like haffing yoah face squeezed?Suddenly the face squeeze stops..
Hey! Whass in yoah mouth?
Didchu brush yoah teeeth, Papa?
Yes, I did!
Noah, yoah didn't...lemme see!Papa tries wrestling her down to
the floor again..She's a fighter this one..
The two sisters collapse in giggles.
But not our SweetCheeks..
She is looking for the score!
Ha! I allmosss gott yoah that timhe!SweetCheeks- Poor Papa!
Don't you feel bad for trying to slap him?
Noah! I iss gonna punch him too...
Oh, SweetCheeks~
Don't punch Papa..He loves you.
He'll feel bad if you hit him.
Hims will?
OHKAY then...
I shorry, Papa..
I wusn't rheally gonna punch yoah.
I lovffe yoah!
Yes, honey?
Nexxt time I gonna KICK him!
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Tete said...

This one's got spunk. You better get Papa some protective gear- pads, helmet and a cup.
I seriously don't know how you held the camera still to get the shots.
Hugs- Tete

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

She is a little ham, that girl is.

Hope Filled Living said...

This is precious. She's a beautiful little girl. :o)

Michelle said...

She is a fiesty little one! Love it!

Suzann said...

How sweet to see such love and laughter!
You are blessed :)


Tootie said...

That is one cute story! Have you thought about making a book with all these stories for little Sweet Cheeks and giving it to her for a college graduationn gift or something? :) It would be priceless!

Heaven's Walk - said...

You all have the BEST family times together, Diana! LOL! So much fun and laughter in your home! What a complete and total blessing! :)
(Oh, and I agree with Tete about maybe getting YourHero a "cup" for Christmas....?) lol!

xoxo laurie

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Love and laughter, what could be better!

LDH said...

Such fun! I just love the last photo... look at that Papa loving his little girl! so sweet :)

Debbie~ said...

Simply adorable, I just looove her spunk! I also adore that last sweet that is!

Okay, I just have to mention this...Diana, your new photo is gorgeous!!! Beautiful on the inside and out!!! :) Hugs, Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

Love of the Sea said...

Awww...Sweet Cheeks...I have missed you!!!